February 4, 2014

A Special Valentine’s Celebration ~ Girlfriends Edition

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ecard hate valentines day



Now I know that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for LOVER’S, but what about those of us that don’t have a significant other in our lives at this time?  Should we be completely left out for this sweet Holiday?  I think not – and so what better way to share the love of your best girlfriends than to have a Party just for the GIRLS!  There are so many options of what you could do, from a night out on the town, dinner and a movie, or what about a GNI ~ Girls Night In!!! {Of course you can change the time frame to a Brunch if that suits you better!} Change your outlook on the whole “Holiday” and focus on the special bonds of friendship with the girls that keep you grounded instead of the outside influences that can make you feel that being alone on Valentine’s Day is just a reason to be depressed!

anti valentines day bearhate-valentines-day--feat-msg-129769524703

Once you have made the decision to have a party for your best girlfriends, of course the next step is to send out the invitations.  There are so many options for the style of invitations you can select.  You could of course opt for an online invitation from sources such as Paperless Post, or a personal email, but since this is a special get-together, why  not go all out and select an invitation that goes along with your desired theme.

45825Party Outfit Invitation Hen Party 1 Hen Party invite suite Ladies at a Table ladies_spring_brunch_invitations-r18b947dcdfb84192b1f3a4a07d76cd2d_imtzy_8byvr_512 Single Ladies Shindig

Next determine the menu.  This will of course vary depending upon the time of day you are hosting your BFF Party!  Use this as a time to have delicious, fun to eat options and not necessarily things that are only healthy options.  Splurge a little and have decadent treats.  It goes without saying that tasty beverages should be offered.  You could have a signature drink to begin the celebration or set up a beverage station where guests can mix up their own refreshing beverage. Desserts that make your mouth water are a definite!  Whatever you decide to offer, chocolate is a MUST!!

cocktail Cocktails-for-Your-Party lara-cocktails-baby-shower Pink Champagne shorlychic flamingly party



2013-03-27-winnick_chocolate_lovers_cupcake 2013-06-14-biggs_glamorous_girls_night_out_ideas_how_to_decorate_cupcakes-1 bibis culinary journey food table



Depending on the theme of your party, make sure to have the appropriate items available.  A Spa party is one idea, and what girl doesn’t enjoy being pampered with spa treatments.  You could have a table set with items for each guest to use during the party and then take home with them after.  How about a Lingerie or Pajama Party ~ for a Lingerie party, each guest could bring a piece of lingerie wrapped up and then play a game like “Steal the Gift” so each person ends up with a new piece of lingerie.  A Pajama Party would be perfect if you are having a sleepover.  Have your guests arrive in the PJ’s and then reminisce like young school-girls when you use to have sleepovers.  Maybe you would rather have a movie night – so having finger foods and perhaps a make-your-own-popcorn creation station would be perfect.  If you are a GAME person, then having Girls Game Night would be a fun theme.  Board games would be perfect or maybe you and your friends prefer card games.  Some fun, interactive games could be:

“Never Have I Ever.” This game is sure to weed out the wild ones in your group. Everyone starts the game with three fingers raised. (You could also give everyone three coins or three small objects instead of using raised fingers.) You go around the room with each person saying, “Never have I ever…” and then finishing that sentence. The answers could be outlandish (“…had my eyebrows waxed”) or adventurous (“…gone skydiving”). If someone else in the room has done the crazy thing, the person making the statement has to put one of their fingers down. The last finger standing wins.

“Who? What? When? How?” This is a good get-to-know-each-other game if you make your questions creative. Put out some squares of paper and pens for everyone. Have everyone write down a personal who, what, when or how question and take turns drawing and answering. You’ll find out things about each other you never knew!

15-popcorn-bar-10 popcorn bar directions and items OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA popcorn treat bag toppings lingerie-party-cookies Paper Dresses spa-night-with-nivea spaparty-500x375
Most ladies enjoy an elegant dinner setting, so take the opportunity to set out your finest china and crystal and either make or purchase lovely centerpieces.  You can go elaborate with your decor, or more simplistic, you can DIY or use the services of your favorite floral designer.  

candlebottles Dan-Cutrona-Photography-023 Debbies Delights blog Ladies Tea Debbies Delights Tea decor ideas diy_winebottlevases_17 herbivore kitchen elegant table setting Pink party decor ??????????????????????????????? Pink tea party decor Posh-Floral-Stylized-Valentines-Brunch-7 San Diego Wedding Photography Engagement Outdoor Family Child Newborn Photographer www.SavoringTheSweetLife.com-9 table design tea table4 medium The Atlantis Wedding Table Centerpieces 3 the martha blog watercolor place settings wine bottle cluster with burlap and flowers winebottlecenterpiece wine-bottles-as-flower-vasesThe most important thing about your BFF Party is to celebrate the friendships and special bonds that you have with your Girlfriends and have a celebration that emphasizes how important each person at the party is to you!!  Celebrate and Enjoy!!!  

Pajama Party photo Posh-Floral-Stylized-Valentines-Brunch-138 Vintageandcake blog ladies at table winter-bachelorette-party.green wedding shoes

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



Janice Blackmon Events is an Event Planning firm specializing in assisting our clients to enjoy the planning process while we handle the details to ensure a flawless celebration.


Images contained in this blog post are from research of various blogs and images to include Glitter Guide, Bigg's Glamorous Girls Night Out Ideas, Savoring the Sweet Life, Debbies Delights blog, Wine Bottle Arrangements, How to Reuse It Creatively, This is Glamorous, The Atlantis Wedding Table, The Martha Blog, Vintage and Cake Blog, Green Wedding Shoes, Bibis Culinary Journal, Dan Cutrona Photography and Herbivore Kitchen.


  1. Shannon Luppens said,

    I am ready to sign up! Any of those ideas were amazing. I am so glad to have you as my personal events coordinator. How creative and amazing you are!

    • jbevents said,

      Thank you so much!!! I enjoy being your personal events coordinator and look forward to many more amazing events together!!!!!

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