May 26, 2015

Excited to share a couple of images cour

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Excited to share a couple of images courtesy of Shaun Menary Photography from one of our recent weddings. There is a significance for the choice of the venue {Chateau Elan} as the bride competed in equestrian events there when she was younger and even won a championship. The happiness in her eyes was doubled from being back in that special venue marrying the love of her life!

May 19, 2015

Love this #bridalportrait taken by Angie

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Love this #bridalportrait taken by Angie Londono @ChateauElan.

May 17, 2015

Happy Wedding day to Rachel & Felipe! We

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Happy Wedding day to Rachel & Felipe! We are excited to be producing this wedding with some excellent vendors: The Georgian Terrace Hotel​, Event Savvy, LLC​, Angie Webb, Ascension Band and Luna Strings. We are ready to produce another flawless wedding! Mazel Tov!

May 16, 2015

Happy Rehearsal Day to Rachel & Felipe!

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Happy Rehearsal Day to Rachel & Felipe! Excited to be walking this couple and their wedding party through the details today for tomorrow’s fun celebration!

May 14, 2015

Where Do I Begin…The process of Creating an Event

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Color Palette

As a Planner, many of my clients come to me asking “where do I begin on selecting my wedding theme?” and it is one of the many fascinating and enjoyable tasks of my job.  In order to come up with the wedding vision/theme, I ask a series of questions to get to know more about my client and things that they have an affinity for.  Sometimes, clients may have a specific color or palette that they like, so I would then take those colors and come up with various ideas and options for how they can be utilized.  There have been times when a client didn’t even have a color preference, so part of the design consultation involves determining colors that the client likes ~ maybe a favorite color or colors that evoke a special feeling.  In addition to determining the color palette, we also must determine the style preference.  In most cases, a color palette can be used for any style of wedding (Classic, elegant, modern, vintage or rustic) so having a client look through images can be helpful for them to determine their preferred style. {You can visit my Pinterest Board for a variety of Wedding Styles ~

Once a color palette and style have been selected, then pulling together ideas that fit within the theme is the next step.  One thing that I impress upon my clients is to be unique, and brand their event with their own personal style.  Even when looking at images of aspects they like, I always work with designers to not just re-create a specific design, but to create something new and unique to each client.  It’s important to work with professional designers that are creative in their approach to develop decor design instead of taking their last creation and using that design again or copying someone else. This assures that every clients event is one-of-a-kind.

Creating a vision board is a valuable tool that helps clients hone in on their wedding style.  I encourage my clients to use the board as an inspiration which allows us to continue to add ideas throughout the planning process.  Once decisions are made as to the specific elements for the client, a tactile board can be created to include swatches of fabric. sketches of designs and samples of the stationery suite to see how everything will look together.  Seeing how everything fits together is an exciting process.

To see a vision board that I recently created click here. This board began with a color palette that I thought best fit the client based on some of their favorite colors.  From there, I took their style of classic and elegant and developed a overall design idea taking into consideration all aspects from invitations to the reception.  

I love assisting my clients with creating the look for their wedding as well as all of the other details that go into the planning and producing of their event.  To begin creating your special event, contact us today and let the Planning Begin!

Janice Blackmon Events is an award winning event planning company specializing in assisting our clients with innovative concepts, creative design and flawless execution of their event.

May 12, 2015

Just received this message and am thrill

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Just received this message and am thrilled to announce
“Janice Blackmon Events was nominated and has now been awarded the 2015 Best of Business Award for the Small Business category.”

May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Sharing my Pinteres

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Sharing my Pinterest board with ideas and inspiration for this festive occasion. Ole’

May 2, 2015

Happy Wedding Day Diana & Geoff! It’s a

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Happy Wedding Day Diana & Geoff! It’s a gorgeous day for a wedding. Pleased to be partnering with Dennis Dean Caterers, Bold American Events (Steve Bales), Amadeus String Ensemble, The Moore Agency, Bradelynlee Photography, Celebrity All Star Band, Cooper-Global Transportation, Frosted Pumpkin, Royal Restrooms and Oconee Rentals. My amazing team and I are looking forward to producing another flawless wedding!!

May 1, 2015

Happy Rehearsal Day to Diana & Geoff! We

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Happy Rehearsal Day to Diana & Geoff! We are ready to put the multitude of moving parts together for this beautiful wedding to create another flawless event!!

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