May 26, 2016

It’s all in the details! #classic #eleg

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It’s all in the details! #classic #elegant #wedding at The Georgian Terrace Hotel. #JaniceBlackmonEvents #flawlesswedding

May 25, 2016

My #WeddingWednesday is filled with appo

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My #WeddingWednesday is filled with appointments at 2 of my fav venues; #TheGeorgianTerrace and #TheRitzCarlton! Can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

May 21, 2016

A sneak peek at my beautiful couple last

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A sneak peek at my beautiful couple last night at their Rehearsal!

Happy Wedding Day to Merin & Jerry! We a

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Happy Wedding Day to Merin & Jerry! We are ready for this weekend and are looking forward to working with the The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta and Denis Reggie Photographers among MANY other vendors!!

May 20, 2016

It’s Rehearsal Day for Merin & Jerry! S

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It’s Rehearsal Day for Merin & Jerry! So many details will be coming together for an amazing #Indian wedding celebration.#flawless #JBEvents

May 17, 2016

Tuesday TIp: There is a reason why I hav

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Tuesday TIp: There is a reason why I have recommendations on “Preferred Vendors” — it’s NOT because it makes any money for me, but rather provides excellent quality and service that may result in a cost savings or added value to the client. When clients think they can choose vendors based on internet ads or GROUPON for their wedding, it always leads to unneeded stress and usually poor quality of service and product. Please, listen to your professional Planner as we have the experience to know where to refer clients to ensure a smooth, less stressful and for us, a flawless event! #yougetwhatyoupayfor #pleasedon’tdoit #janiceblackmonevents #weloveourpreferredvendors

May 16, 2016

Thank you to Evie Perez for sharing the

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Thank you to Evie Perez for sharing the blog of one of our beautiful couples wedding Chateau Elan Winery !

May 4, 2016

Sharing some beauty on this #weddingwedn

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Sharing some beauty on this #weddingwednesday from one of our #springwedding #classicandelegant #whiteflowers #itsallinthedetails #flawlesswedding @janiceblackmonevents

May 2, 2016

DIY, Pinterest and Stress…What they have in common!

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Since the inception of Pinterest, I have seen a rise in the level of stress my clients endure in the planning of their wedding or special event.  While we can effectively use Pinterest as well as other sources for inspiration it should not be used to create a “must have” for every image or item shown.


Creating storyboards for clients has been a longstanding method of organizing ideas and visions, however, with many clients living out-of-state from their Planner and other vendors, sharing that board became increasingly difficult.  With Pinterest though, it is an easy process to create a “secret” Wedding Board and share it with only those involved to kick ideas back and forth.  I have used this process with clients to share specific ideas for colors, designs, attire, favors, etc., as well as for those who were having a difficult time narrowing down their specific vision.  Collecting images of various decor components that indicate potential ideas is helpful just as much as indicating styles and ideas that the client doesn’t like.  By determining ideas of interest a more streamlined and detailed outline can be made for the cohesive theme of the event.


I encourage my clients to share their ideas with me and I love working with them to develop the branding of their event.  While using images as an inspiration, I always recommend putting a unique touch to the overall idea so that it is not just a copy of someone else’s design.  Each client is unique and so their event should also be unique.  One such example of this was the following image that was provided as something the bride LOVED.  I then took that image and worked with the floral designer (Chelsea Floral Design Studio) to create a similar look while staying within the budget and style of the other decor being used. The end result was gorgeous and my client was overjoyed.

Inspiration for Design

Inspiration for Design

Actual Design

Actual Design

We have discussed some good ideas of how to use Pinterest, but there is also a down side.  This is where the stress comes in!  Finding images of tons of ideas you would like to incorporate and thinking that you must have every single one.  Now, I agree that there are some ideas that you find that would be excellent to incorporate, but just don’t go overboard.  With every idea comes time and money.  Both of which are considered a budget item.  Trying to create or provide every little detail you see will not only create stress, but it can also take away from the overall design and feel of the event.  Remember, keeping things cohesive is what makes an event truly stand out.

pinterest wedding

Feel free to Follow us on Pinterest for some inspiration, and contact us to find out how we can assist with planning and producing YOUR special event.


Janice Blackmon Events is an award-winning special event planning firm specializing in assisting our clients with innovative ideas, creative design and flawless production of their event!  Offices located in Atlanta, Georgia and Sarasota, Florida.  

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