December 30, 2014

If you still need some inspiration for y

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If you still need some inspiration for your New Year’s Eve celebration, check out our Pinterest page!

The next in the series….

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 You’re Engaged ~ Now What…

Selecting Vendors

So, now you have your date set, created your budget and maybe have even selected your ceremony and reception venues.  You are on your way. So what do you need to concentrate on next?  We would be delighted to assist you with every detail of the planning, but to give you an idea of other vendors to select, read on!

Save the Date


2 Grooms  Save the Date

2 Brides SAve the Date

I tell my clients that a good rule of thumb is that you should concentrate on the vendors that can only handle one wedding per day or at a given or specific time.  This will include the; Officiant, photographer, ceremony musicians, reception entertainment and videographer.  Many other vendors can handle more than one wedding per day, however, depending upon the specialty of the vendor and their support staff, they may only be able to handle a few weddings per day. As a client of Janice Blackmon Events, you will receive date-specific Check Lists that will keep you on track with all of the details for your wedding ~ whether you choose to do the legwork yourself, or have us handle it for you!  These Check Lists are all-encompassing and take into account how much time there is to plan your wedding — not like the generic check lists you can find in a magazine or online.  

The other vendors you may be in need of are; Hair and Make up artists, caterer, florist/event designer, pastry chef, rental company (ceremony items, chairs, tables, linens, lighting, A/V, photobooth) and transportation. Because of our long-standing reputation in the industry, we have relationships with some of the areas finest vendors that will work together in creating the vision YOU desire!!

Although it is possible to retain certain vendors later in the process, retaining your vendors early on will help to ensure that you get the best choice of vendors available who will work with you to achieve the wedding you desire. 

Atlanta certainly has no shortage of wedding vendors, however, there are many inexperienced people out there that claim to do what true professional vendors do without being able to actually provide the quality of service/product that you deserve. {Not all vendors are created equal!}  I strive to assist my clients in selecting the best vendors available that will work within their budget.  Many of the vendors with whom I have relationships will offer my clients added value to their proposal.  This could mean a discount or an upgrade, etc.  However, even if you are not getting married in the Atlanta area, we are able to assist with retaining vendors in any area as we provide extensive research to determine the best fit for your situation. 

To get the most for your wedding, it is in your best interest to hire us as your consultant early in the process — even if you want to do the majority of the planning and leg-work yourself, because having that relationship will provide you with the information that can save you quite a bit in the long run.  

Now, get out there and get those vendors!! Of course, we should be your first stop!  Stop by our Contact Us page to request information on our packages and services.

Happy Planning!!!!!


Janice Blackmon Events is a full-service consulting firm specializing in assisting our clients with innovative concepts, creative design and flawless production of their event!!!


Photo Credit (ring on the flower):  Nadia D Photography

December 29, 2014

Photo of the First Look from a recent we

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Photo of the First Look from a recent wedding! #firstlook #janiceblackmonevents #CallawayGardens

December 27, 2014

You’re Engaged ~ Now What?

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 AK's engagement ring

 You’re Engaged ~ Now What

First, Congratulations!  If you are like most girls, you have been dreaming about this day for years.  You may already have your style, colors, attendants and dream location in mind – but you may not know where to start.  I intend to give you an overview of the components that go into planning your wedding and will provide a few suggestions along the way. 

 One of the most important things you should consider early on is hiring a reputable consultant .  By doing so, you can be assured that you have someone on your side that can lead you to qualified vendors that will be able to provide you with the products and services that you need.  Not only that, but a professional consultant will handle the details of your wedding day so that you can relax and be stress free. 

There is a HUGE difference between a professional consultant and someone who does it as a hobby!  Your wedding day is too important to leave in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the experience and qualifications to expertly handle all of the details that it entails to create and produce a flawless wedding.  Keep in mind, the best money that you can spend is on a consultant.  Our job as a professional consultant is to guide our clients to vendors that will offer you the best possible products, services and prices.  Many times due to our relationships with industry vendors, we are able to lead our clients to vendors that will offer discounts on their services which in many cases can result in savings that more than pay for the cost of the consultant.  These discounts would not be available to you if you were not a client of the Consultant.  Those “consultants” that do this as a hobby do not have the long-standing relationships with vendors and are therefore not able to offer any “value” for their service.  Keep in mind – your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life thus far, and to leave that day in the hands of someone who only does this as a hobby is NOT in your best interest.


Setting your Budget is extremely important.  You need to be realistic about what you can afford.  A good idea is to determine what the absolute MOST you can spend is, and then reduce the number down to what you would feel comfortable with.  By doing this, you will have already developed your “cushion” since most times you will go over your budget and then be scrambling on coming up with additional funds or having to make some difficult and uncomfortable decisions. 

wedding-budget-broken piggy bank

Once your budget has been established then you are ready for moving on with the rest of your planning. 

 Check back right here for the next in the series of You’re Engaged ~ Now What!  In the meantime, contact us to get information on our packages and services so that we can lead you through the planning maze in a strategic and stress-free way!!

December 25, 2014

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

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photo (13)

It’s that wonderful time of the year… Christmas!!!!! We hope you have a Merry Christmas surrounded by those you love!

Our Pinterest page is full of ideas for decor, gifts and food/beverages in case you are still needing some inspiration.  You can check it out here!

Merry Christmas!!!

December 16, 2014

Wishing a Happy Hanukkah to our friends!

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Wishing a Happy Hanukkah to our friends!!

December 15, 2014

It’s THAT time of year…when most enga

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It’s THAT time of year…when most engagements happen. For an idea of 2015 trends take a look at this article

December 12, 2014

Sharing a couple beautiful images from a

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Sharing a couple beautiful images from a Holiday wedding since it’s that time of year!

December 4, 2014

Drum roll please – the Color of the Year

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Drum roll please – the Color of the Year for 2015 is Pantone Marsala. Love this color and looking forward to seeing it in my events. #pantone #2015coloroftheyear #jbevents

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