November 28, 2012

Holiday Celebrations!!

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It’s that time of year when you will inevitably be invited to Holiday gatherings and when you attend, you definitely do not want to show up empty-handed.  This blog will share some of my favorite Hostess Gifts!  I hope perhaps they will spark your creativity and provide you with unique and personal gifts for all of your Hostess Gift Giving needs.

One common gift I tend to give is a bottle of wine.  But instead of just handing over a bottle – make it festive.  There are many ways of doing this and if you have time, wrap the bottle in a beautiful ribbon.  You can choose any color or type of ribbon (or yarn) you would like!

Another way to wrap a bottle is to use a festive Holiday towel.  You place the bottle in the center of the towel and then wrap it up around the bottle, tying it off at the top with a beautiful ribbon.

An idea I think that would be perfect for that Girl’s Night Out group Holiday gathering is to wrap a bottle of wine in a beautiful scarf or pashmina.  Since scarves and pashminas are so popular now, and most ladies love adding them to their wardrobe as an accessory or a warp for chilly evenings, it would be a welcomed two-in-one gift!

What would the Holiday’s be without the yummy homemade goodies like cookies, brownies, fudge and cakes?  Growing up, my mom would make approximately 20 different types of cookies for Christmas.  She would make double and triple batches of each variety and would then make a platter for each of the neighbors.  Needless to say, the neighbors loved receiving those tasty treats every year. 

Homemade cookies and fudge make wonderful Hostess gifts too!  A special way of presenting the delectable treats is to display them on a pretty plate or platter.  {Helpful hint ~ purchase inexpensive plates, platters or other unique containers throughout the year at yard sales, thrift stores or at clearance sales at your favorite department or specialty stores and use them to place the baked goods on.  The plate becomes another part of the Hostess gift.}

If you don’t have time to actually bake the cookies, how about giving the ingredients with the recipe and instructions to the Hostess.  Take your favorite cookie recipe, and measure out all of the dry ingredients.  Layer them in a jar.  Tie the recipe to the jar with a colorful ribbon.  I like to add some festive holiday fabric around the top of the jar for a finished look.

Another idea using a jar is to make a Hot Cocoa mix.  I like to make a tasty mix with some secret ingredients for an unexpected surprise ~ like cinnamon or a pinch of nutmeg.  For a cute way of providing the directions, create a poem that can be attached so the Hostess knows how to make the perfect cup of Hot Cocoa.  If you like marshmallows in your Hot Chocolate, include those as well.  I also like to include a cute Holiday mug to present with the mix.

Since nuts are prevalent around the holiday’s, why not create a tasty treat that’s gift-giving worthy, like one of my favorites, Spiced Pecans!!

Another sure-to-please Hostess gift for the Popcorn Lover is a variety of gourmet flavored popcorn.  Or, maybe they are a popcorn purist and would just prefer regular popcorn kernels and variety of popcorn seasonings.  Add a bowl for the popped goodness and you have a gift your Hostess will find delicious!

What Hostess wouldn’t like to receive personalized towels?  This is something you wouldn’t necessarily purchase for yourself, so giving monogrammed towels (finger tip or hand) makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

I hope these suggestions have given you ideas for your upcoming social season!!!  Wishing you a Happy and safe Holiday!!! 



November 5, 2012

Love was in the air for Emily & Elliot

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This past weekend was beautiful and created the perfect backdrop for the wedding of Emily and Elliot!!

What an adorable couple they are!  They both have infectious smiles and you can see and feel the love they have for each other!! 

Emily selected two GORGEOUS dresses for her wedding day.  One that was classic, elegant, timeless and dreamy and the other was fun and beautiful.  She also had two amazing pairs of shoes…. for the ceremony she wore a flat, gold sparkly Steve Madden pair and for the reception {the PARTY shoe} she wore fuchsia glittery heels from Kate Spade!  I was in love with them both!

Many times there are a variety of vendors involved with providing services for an event and when those vendors understand the concept of Team Work, it is totally amazing what can be accomplished.  Such was the case with this wedding! 

The venue, the Atlanta History Center, one of Atlanta’s most sought after venues for weddings and other special events, created the canvas for the event.  The dedication and flexibility of the Sales team were very much appreciated and the on-site staff were top-notch!

The creative genius (or head artist keeping with the painting theme) behind the event, JWilbur of  EventScapes Atlanta (a division of CCP Events) pulled together not only a stunning design theme, but also the perfect team of vendors to work together to achieve it.  It takes a special talent to listen to a client and then design the decor to carry out their vision.  Wilbur has an uncanny way of being able to do just that.  He is able to take the desires of the client and couple them with his ideas to present them in a way that not only makes sense but combines elements that you might not commonly think of as working together.

After determining the direction of the design and use of space, Wilbur brought together the perfect vendors to fulfill the vision.  From the always professional team of Peachtree Tents and Events who provided the tent and the hard goods to the talented and dedicated team from PPi who provided sound and lighting, to The Plant Peddler who brought in beautiful topiary trees for use in the ceremony and in the reception tent – the camaraderie and team spirit of each person working towards the common goal of creating the fabulous event was evident! 

Kristen Alexander, another creative genius, was the photographer of the wedding.  She has one of those “eyes” that sees things others do not – so her photos are always gorgeous and emote feeling!  I certainly appreciate Kristen sharing a sneak peek of the images from the wedding – which you can see below.  {I decided to forego posting my snapshots right now since I had these fabulous images to share instead}!

The Event Performance String Ensemble provided the ceremony music and they were wonderful. 

The crowd had a wonderful time feasting on the delicacies from Kaleidoscope Bistro and Pub who served as the caterer for the wedding.  The restaurant is one of the couples favorite places to eat – so they thought it would be great to share the food they so enjoy there with the guests attending their wedding.

EastCoast Entertainment provided the band for the evening, Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters.  They kept the crowd entertained and on the dance floor throughout the evening.

We were honored and thrilled to be a part of this truly amazing wedding. 

We wish Emily & Elliot a lifetime of Happiness!!!

And now for the sneak peek courtesy of Kristen Alexander, photographer extraordinaire!!!

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