February 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thurs: Notes from guests to b

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Thoughtful Thurs: Notes from guests to be opened on specific anniversary’s= great idea for keeping the memories alive from the wedding day! http://ow.ly/i/1th5t

February 27, 2013

Planning and Stress!!

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It’s no secret that planning an event, no matter how big or small, can create STRESS!  There are many things that you can do to help reduce or alleviate the stress and hopefully this article will give you a few ideas to help with that!!

TIP 1 ~ Now, with the first suggestion, I may sound biased, but when planning an event – the first thing to do to reduce your stress is to hire a professional Consultant.  By doing so – they can keep you on task with what needs to be done at what point in time therefore allowing you to enjoy the planning process instead of being stressed.

Keep Calm001

TIP 2 ~ The next tip actually goes hand in hand with the previous one of hiring a planner – which is manage your time and delegate when possible.  With my clients, they are provided Check Lists which outline the tasks that need to be completed within a specific period of time – they can then use these Check Lists to assign Tasks.  We are available to handle any and all tasks for our clients – and it’s all at their disposal just for the asking.

TIP 3 ~ Create a realistic budget and SHARE it with your Planner!!  You would be surprised at how many prospective clients I ask about what their budget is only to be told “we don’t know” or “we don’t have one”. The truth is, EVERYONE has a budget.  Don’t be afraid to share it with your Planner so that they can work with you to make sure you remain within your budget for your event.  Staying within your budget will most certainly reduce your stress – both in the now and the not-to-distant future.

TIP 4 ~ Don’t procrastinate!  While it may seem that putting off handling one or many of the tasks of the event planning will make it easier later – the truth is, that with an event, there are many deadlines involved.  If you are working with a professional planner {see sign above! :)} and Check Lists are being provided to you, adhering to the timelines is not just a suggestion for the Planners benefit – but it’s a definite task for you to handle timely.  By delaying the inevitable you actually bring on more stress.  I can look back at my clients and pinpoint very easily the ones that procrastinated, because in the weeks and days leading up to the event, they were so much more stressed because there were then so many tasks that had to be completed in a very short timeframe while also trying to manage their everyday life.  On the other hand, for my clients that maintained a calmness throughout the whole planning process, the main reason for that was adhering to the Task schedules provided and handling the details timely. 

TIP 5 ~ Take time out from the planning!  Taking a break from the planning will help you to maintain your excitement for the event by giving you a breather from the constant thoughts and tasks that need to be accomplished.  Whether you take an hour, a day a weekend or a week – it doesn’t matter – just step away.  Do something you enjoy that provides you happiness and peace.  When  you return to the tasks, you can do so with a fresh mind ready to tackle the tasks before you! Side note ~ this Tip does not negate Tip 4 for not Procrastinating…..this Tip is assuming you ARE on schedule with the Tasks!  🙂

Beach with lounge chair RELAX InstantStressReducer

TIP 6 ~ Compromise!!  This is my suggestion for many circumstances.  When planning an event – chances are you will have “suggestions” from many others.  Some times, it’s perfectly fine to stand your ground, however, in other areas, the need to compromise works best for everyone involved.  Whether it is on the budget, the guest list, the menu, décor or even attire – consider whether it makes sense to stand your ground and potentially ruffle feathers or make a compromise and perhaps save a relationship/friendship!


TIP 7 ~ Realize some things are out of your (and everyone’s) control!!  It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of the world and so you really should keep your focus on what is truly important.  If you have attended to  your tasks with the plans and preparation, then many things that could go wrong by virtue of forgetting something of importance hopefully will have been avoided, however, for things that can’t be controlled {weather, power, traffic, etc.}, try to stay calm and focused on the most important thing – the reason for the event – and be flexible with the other things.

TIP 8 ~ When the big day arrives, take a deep breath and ENJOY!!!!!  Try to savor every moment, because the special occasion will be over before you know it.  Again, remember, don’t sweat the small stuff – but try to focus on the big picture.  If you have hired a professional planner, it’s our job to oversee all of the details and it’s your job to relax, let the planner do their job and Enjoy your special event!!!

If you are planning an event and haven’t hired a professional Planner, I urge you to do so soon.  A professional planner can help keep you within your budget, create and execute your vision and reduce your stress leading up to and on the BIG DAY !!

Janice Blackmon Events

Janice Blackmon Events ~ A full-service event planning firm offering a variety of packages so clients can determine the level of assistance they need!  Our philosophy is that with our assistance, your event will be flawless!!!

February 26, 2013

Tues Tip: Have a specific theme for a bridal shower

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Tues Tip: Have a specific theme for a bridal shower – like share a fav recipe and bring a gift that is used to create it. We carry invitations that include a separate card for the Recipe that can be brought to the Shower to create a special Cook Book or Card Box for the Bride. http://ow.ly/i/1zLYW http://ow.ly/i/1zLZe http://ow.ly/i071L

February 22, 2013

Katie & Brannon

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I know I say this a lot, but this wedding was absolutely amazing!!!!!

I had the pleasure of working with Katie & Brannon from the very beginning of their wedding planning.  I was able to refer them to excellent vendors that would be able to provide and produce the vision for their wedding.

Capturing the images of the day was Angela of Angela Wilson Photography.  She and her team were very detailed in the schedule of photos to be taken throughout the day.  I’m sure you will agree, the images she took which are included below are ahh-may-zing!!

The always wonderful stylists from The Moore Agency provided the make-up for the girls.  A friend of the bride, Christel, provided the hair styles for the wedding party.

The venue was the beautiful historic hotel, The Georgian Terrace

The ceremony was held in the Piedmont Ballroom.  A custom aisle runner that was midnight blue with platinum was produced to match Katie’s color scheme.  JWilbur of EventScapes, created the most gorgeous arbor where the ceremony took place.  White sheer fabrics as well as the midnight blue/platinum fabric covered the frame of the arbor softening the look while clusters of flowers were attached to the corners and in the center.  Two large and lush arrangements on pedestals flanked the ceremony area. 

One of my favorite string ensembles provided the ceremony and Cocktail Hour music, Amati Chamber Ensemble.  This group, led by Sarah Paul, is comprised of extremely talented musicians who play a variety of music genres.  They are top-notch professionals on many levels. 

The officiant, Sheila Preacher, is the Godmother of the Bride and certainly provided a very personal and touching ceremony.  The couple wrote their own vows and I have to say – they were so touching.

With a rather large guest list, we knew from the beginning that the set-up of the Ballroom would require some creativity.  Instead of planning on having a seat for every guest, we decided to have a “space” for every guest.  Various sized tables were placed inside the ballroom including tables to accommodate up to 12 guests as well as high-boy tables allowing for guests to prop while eating. JWilbur created several varieties of centerpieces ~ each of which were beautiful.  There were lush full centerpieces on some tables while others were adorned with short, square vases containing blue hydrangea.   Crystal “bling” was a common element included in the arrangements. The room was treated to uplights, provided by PPi, which gave a warm glow and added to the ambiance. 

Classic Tents provided a tent on the terrace which provided additional seating for guests.  It had clear walls on the street side allowing the view of the night sky to still be seen.

Classic Cheesecakes and Cakes provided the wedding cake.  Not only was it beautiful, but it was delicious.  The design of the cake was fashioned after the lace on Katie’s dress and had a monogram on the center layer.  The parents of the bride made a trip to Ireland a few months before the wedding and while there purchased a Crystal bride and groom cake topper directly from Waterford Crystal.

Atlanta Showstoppers provided the entertainment for the evening.  What a fabulous show they put on.  The guests were on the dance floor all night having a blast. 

Guests were treated to M&M’s in small jars as their favor.

The couple departed through a Sparkler fanfare to their awaiting Horse and Carriage from Nottingham Shire Carriage for Hire.  As they pulled away their guests cheered and passersby honked all wishing the Happy Couple congratulations.

We were so pleased to have worked with the couple and the bride’s parents!  We wish them a lifetime of Happiness!!!

Special thanks to Angela Wilson for providing these images!!!

AW2_5244 AWP_4971 AWP_5014 AWP_5032 AWP_5928 DSC_6693 IMG_4567 IMG_4805-Edit-Edit IMG_4830 IMG_5187-Edit IMG_5594 SDW_7774 SDW_8097 SDW_8290 SDW_9009 VannCeremony-25 VannCeremony-34 VannCeremony-39 VannCeremony-40 VannCeremony-48 VannCeremony-58 VannCeremony-60 VannCeremony-63 VannCeremony-66 VannCeremony-70 VannCeremony-89 VannCeremony-98 VannCeremony-152 VannCeremony-158 VannCeremony-168 VannCeremony-222 VannCeremony-230 CocktailHour-11 FatherFirstLook-8 PentHouse-3 PentHouse-9 PentHouse-24 PentHouse-30 PentHouse-31 PentHouse-62 IMG_4321 SDW_7532 AW2_4821 AW2_4848 AW2_4871 AW2_4902 AW2_4928 AW2_4947 AW2_4970 AW2_4989 AWP_4314 AWP_4330 AWP_4333 AWP_4342 AWP_4351 AWP_4423 AWP_4430 AWP_4448 AWP_4493 AWP_4503 IMG_4202 IMG_4263 IMG_4292 IMG_4306 IMG_4344 IMG_4383 SDW_7459 SDW_7532 SDW_7560 Reception-1 Reception-7 Reception-11 Reception-20 Reception-34 Reception-35 Reception-50 Reception-59 Reception-66 Reception-71 Reception-149 Reception-150 Reception-151 Reception-153 Reception-155 Reception-156 Reception-160 Reception-170 Reception-176 Reception-184 Reception-200 Reception-203 Reception-204 Reception-208 Reception-211 Reception-214 Reception-220 Reception-227 Reception-242 Reception-247 Reception-335 Reception-464 Reception-501 Reception-380 Reception-382 Reception-425 Reception-436

February 21, 2013

And the OSCAR Goes to…..

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84th Academy Awards, Poster





And the winner is…

Oscars title page

This Sunday, February 24th is the 85th annual Academy Awards.  Whether you are a side-line commentator for the Red Carpet or a die-hard movie lover and at-home audience member, here are some ideas for a celebration that is Oscar worthy!!

Set the tone with your invitations.  Invite your guests to YOUR Red Carpet party.  You can take the theme as far as you want – but a great start is having a Red Carpet out welcoming your guests.  If you can’t produce a Red Carpet – how about setting the table with a Red Runner to emulate the carpet.

oscar-party-invitations-ema Oscar Red Carpet oscardecorcollage

Have the “paparazzi” poised outside to begin snapping photos of guests as they arrive.  You could also have a clever Step and Repeat pattern for guests to be able to stop and have their photo taken with “celebrities”. 

Oscar paparazzi

Oscar step and repeat

As the guests enter, offer them a specialty cocktail.  It’s no secret among my friends that my fav drink is a Margarita – so why not offer your guests a yummy OSCAR-rita!  Daphne Oz of the ABC show, The Chew, offers a tasty recipe for this cocktail.


The Oscar®-rita

Makes 2
1/4 cup Silver Tequila
1/4 cup Pineapple Juice
3 tablespoons Lime Juice
3 tablespoons Fresh Mint Leaves
Seltzer, to top

Your décor can be elegant or fun – whatever  best suits the ambience of your party.  Creativity is key – so  paying a trip to a local hobby store or even thrift or antique store to find some interesting pieces might pay off with some treasurable finds.  You can even purchase Oscar party-ware at Party City. 

oscar decor

Oscar decor in popcorn container

While offering a gourmet seven course meal to your guests might be well received, you can instead offer a variety of simpler fare to keep the guests interacting with finger-foods.  Keeping with the theme of a Red Carpet and movie awards – offer Red Velvet cupcakes and a Popcorn Bar Buffet.

Oscar red-table-setting

 Oscar shrimp and grits oscar_menu_pigs_blanket oscar_menu_puff_pastry oscar_menu_sliders


Oscar Party_Free Printables_Yellow Chevron_Modern Party Decor Oscar popcorn bar setup

Oscars ballot with popcorn -1360971070

Oscar Red-Velvet-Cupcakes7

Oscar themed cake Oscar-Cookies

Keep your guests entertained and involved.  Play OSCAR games such as OSCAR B-I-N-G-O or you could even have guests complete a Ballot for their picks when they arrive and as each category is presented – see who matched the winner.  You could even provide small OSCAR-like trophies to the winners.  During commercial breaks – take turns seeing how each of your guests would deliver their own Acceptance speech and see if they could beat the clock before the MUSIC signals their time is up!

oscar_ballot_a_p oscar-bingo-2013-howaboutorange

No matter how you choose to celebrate the 85th Annual Academy Awards, we hope that you have a fun and enjoyable evening and that all of your FAV nominees WIN!!!

Amry Oscar

Go Ahead…..Make My Day (or someone’s) Better!!!!

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 Amelia Earhart once said, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”  

In today’s society, it’s easy to become self-absorbed and not even notice that the person sitting next to you needs some encouragement.  Many people put on a “happy face” even though inside they may be going through a difficult time.  If each of us would strive to perform at least one Random Act of Kindness every day – we could begin to make our corner of the world a better and happier place.

Need some ideas?  Here’s a good list to start from, {edited from an article published in Good Housekeeping magazine June, 2012}. I encourage you to give it a try and see how the “roots” of your good deed will spread to others. 

  • Leave a bouquet at the hospital — the nurses will know who needs it the most.
  • If you are in a long line, invite the person behind you to go first.
  • Take coloring books and boxes of new crayons to a Children’s hospital.
  • Hold the door open for the next person.
  • Drop off combs, toothbrushes, and toothpaste at a shelter or a soup kitchen.
  • Curb road rage: Let other cars merge onto the highway.
  • Take fresh-baked muffins or cookies to your neighbors with a note saying you are glad to have them as your neighbor!
  • Put sticky notes with positive messages (e.g., “You look gorgeous!”) on a restroom mirror.
  • Help out a mom and a baby by donating diapers (find a directory of diaper banks at diaperbanknetwork.org).
  • Send a thank-you note to the brave officers at your local police station.
  • Arrange to pay anonymously for a military member’s meal when you see him or her dining alone.
  • Send a $20 gas card anonymously to someone who could use a “pick me up”.  
  • Donate your old professional clothes to an organization, like Dress for Success (dressforsuccess.org), that helps women jump-start their careers — and up their confidence.
  • Carry someone’s groceries.
  • Bake bread or cookies and deliver the food to a nearby fire station or group home.
  • Donate old cell phones to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ncadv.org), which will use the proceeds for programs that protect families from abuse.
  • Sing an employee’s praises to a manager or on a comment card — a little recognition goes a long way.
  • Share happy memories. Stick an old photo in the mail to a friend and write a note about the day it was taken on the back.
  • Send a yummy dessert over to another table at a restaurant.
  • Leave a copy of a book you love, with a note for the next reader, on the train or the bus or the office break-room.
  • Load extra change into the vending machine to buy the next person a Coke.
  • Send somebody an e-card, just because, or a funny YouTube video to brighten someone’s day.  The funnier, the better.
  • Resolve to refrain from negative self-talk (you deserve your kindness, too!).
  • On trash day, wheel your neighbors can out to the curb.
  • Volunteer to read to kids at an after-school program.
  • Pause and give people the benefit of the doubt. E-mail, especially, can cause unintentional feather-ruffling.
  • Bring goodies to your next meeting for no special reason. {Bonus points if it’s homemade}
  • Strike up a conversation with someone who’s standing alone at a social gathering or networking event.
  • Leave extra umbrellas in the lobby of public buildings with notes that say “Use this to stay dry!”
  • Pay for the person’s order in the Drive-through line behind you.
  • Pay the toll for the car behind you.

 I hope this inspires you to do something nice for no reason at all….it will make you feel all warm and cozy inside and it will make the day of someone else immensely better!! 

Janice Blackmon Events ~ A Full-Service Event Planning Company dedicated to making every event flawless!!!

February 20, 2013

Wed Wisdom: Use paint chips to select yo

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Wed Wisdom: Use paint chips to select your event color palette. Play with various shades of colors and find what speaks to YOU! http://ow.ly/i/1x2bQ

February 19, 2013

Tues Tips: Todays focus is the groom. Ch

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Tues Tips: Todays focus is the groom. Check out this blog filled with advice for Groom’s from a man’s perspective! http://ow.ly/hLjvu

February 18, 2013

Misc Mon: Vintage is the rage & trend no

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Misc Mon: Vintage is the rage & trend now. Check out my Pinterest Board on 1920’s Vintage Varieties of Beauty! http://ow.ly/hFjJJ #jbevents

February 15, 2013

Feature Friday: LOVE the bouquet from la

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Feature Friday: LOVE the bouquet from last wkends wedding made by brides sister from Heirloom brooches. Bmaids bouqs had some too! http://ow.ly/i/1vg9C http://ow.ly/i/1vgaQ

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