August 26, 2013

Pretty in Pink ~ Liana’s Bat Mitzvah

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When I first met with Siomara, the mom of the Honoree, I knew she was someone who I wanted to work with.  Our initial consultation which consisted of the normal fact-finding questions to see where in the planning process we were and what vision we were working towards let me know that this was going to be a Mitzvah that would benefit from my services and referrals, which would result in an amazing celebration ~ and THAT it was!!!

With the date and venue set, May 18th at The Georgia Aquarium, we began meeting with vendors that would be able to provide exceptional service!  First stop, JWilbur of EventScapes.  We met with him and gave the “theme” of PINK!  All shades and varieties!  Other than the color, Siomara wasn’t specific on what the design should look like, but rather let Wilbur use his creativity to design the perfect setting for the celebration.  With the venue being the   Aquarium,we knew that special consideration had to be given to the viewing windows in the Oceans Ballroom.  This was accomplished by having lounge seating areas where guests could sit, relax, chat with their friends while watching the Whale Sharks or Beluga’s. 

In two areas on the “kid” side of the room, there were cozy seating areas with a canopy covering that had ribbons suspended holding flowers and sparkling crystals.  The sofas had fun pillows including some bright pink pillows and a shag carpet.  Several High-boy tables were scattered about as well as cocktail round lit tables with personalized decor using the branded logo for the event.  

The adult tables were covered in beautiful linens and were adorned with sleek white shaped vases filled with an asymmetrical arrangement of flowers.  They were truly stunning.  The “look” was elegant, sleek and contemporary.  

Knowing that this event needed a custom invitation suite, I referred Robyn Feinberg, RSVP.  Her creativity, advice and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful branded suite of invitations, labels, Guest Welcome Letters and other accessory products used for the decor, the favors and the Candy Buffet. .  

The talented Kristen Alexander was on hand to photograph the event and her images are included here for you to drool over!!! She was busy all night capturing all of the beauty as well as the fun EVERYONE was having!

Vibe Entertainment provided the entertainment for the evening.  The dancers kept the kids engaged with games and dancing.  One of the cool features with their set-up was a shadow box where guests could stand behind the screen and dance and from the front you would just see silhouettes.

Mark Lotti of Classic Cheesecake and Cakes provided the gorgeous cake which was the focal point for the Candle Lighting ceremony.  The cake was intricately designed to include replicas of her logo as well as small Stars of David. 

Opher Moses of Point of View Video, was brought on board to capture both the official ceremony as well as the party on video.  He is always a pleasure to work with and he does a superb job of creating a video that will give years of enjoyment for the family.  

Wolfgang Puck Caterers did their amazing job of providing delicious food and exceptional service.  After dinner, guests were treated to an array of delectable desserts in addition to the cake.  

And as if there wasn’t enough sweets already provided, we provided a Candy Bar Buffet with some of Liana’s favorite candies which were presented in a beautiful display.  Adults and kids alike enjoyed this buffet.  

As guests departed, they picked up yet another favor, a custom Tank Top to commemorate the occasion.  

This Mitzvah celebration was such a pleasure to plan and produce and combining the services of many of my preferred vendors ensured this was not only a wonderful day for the Honoree their family and guests but also for the vendors involved.  We are so thrilled to have been involved to produce this flawless event!!

We were honored to have this event featured in the acclaimed Occasions Magazine.  To read that article click here.

Now sit back and enjoy these images ~ most are compliments of Kristen Alexander, however, there are several included that I took as well.  


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February 17, 2012

Mazel Tov ~ Julia

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Temple Sinai was the setting for Julia’s Bat Mitzvah!  She celebrated this momentous occasion surrounded by her closest friends and family. We loved watching Julia interact with her guests, as she had a way of making each one feel so special!!

Balloons over Atlanta provided the décor for the event using Julia’s color palette of Hot Pink, Black and Silver.  There was a name arch on one side of the room in large silver Mylar letters.  The centerpieces were of various designs providing interest throughout the event.

As a twist to the traditional candle lighting ceremony, Julia decided to light all of the candles herself by honoring different segments of people who are special in her life.  She gave a “Shout Out” to each group while lighting the candle.  This was such a wonderful way of celebrating all of those that mean so much to you instead of only selecting a few people to assist in this tradition.

Speaking of her candle lighting, her mom ordered this custom candle holder that was Julia’s name on a base with the candles behind.  The name was spelled out in pink glittery letters.  After the candle lighting ceremony, we repurposed the candle holder so that it was visible all evening.

Vibe Entertainment provided their normal high-energy team to keep the party going all night.  Both kids and adults alike kept the dance floor filled. 

Vibe also provided their Green Screen which is always a hit.  Guests were able to select a background and wear props.  In addition to the normal Green Screen, there was a self-photo station where guests were able to pose and see themselves in a monitor and then take their own photo. These activities were popular with the kids and the adults.

Joseph Aczel was on hand to capture images of the celebration which will serve as wonderful memories for years to come.  It was a pleasure working with Joseph and we thank him for providing most of the images you see here!!!

To satisfy the guests’ sweet tooth, there was an Ice Cream Sundae bar and delicious cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes.  Judging from the frosting covered faces; I would say they were a huge hit.

As guests departed, they were treated to a T-shirt which will remind all of those that were in attendance of the wonderful celebration with Julia.

We were so pleased to be a part of this important time in Julia’s life and hope that she will remember her Bat Mitzvah fondly in the years to come.

The JBEvents Team


Haven’t seen enough — then sit back and enjoy the show – slideshow that is!!!

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November 28, 2011

Mazel Tov Shelby!!!

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Shelby loves New York City, so it seemed only fitting for her Bat Mitzvah to have a New York City Theme for her Extravaganza!

The first order of business was to select a venue that would enhance a New York City feel and immediately The W Hotel ~ Midtown came to mind.  We secured Altitude {the ballroom on the 27th floor} as the venue.  Since the room offers views of the city on both sides of the ballroom, that would lend to the feel of the Big Apple. 

Working with the extremely talented, JWilbur of EventScapes, a division of CCP Events, the decor was devised in meeting with Shelby’s New York City theme.  Wilbur offered wonderful suggestions for bringing the city design into the room.  There were two large gobo’s that shown on the back walls depicting famous landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline.  Each table on the adult side of the room was covered in the hotel’s standard black spandex linen and topped with a luxurious silver overlay.  The centerpiece consisted of a square base filled with flowers out of which came a street sign indicating famous cross-streets in NYC.  Shelby determined some of her favorite locations in the city and those became the table names for the adults.

On the “kids” side of the room, the look was more of a club feel, with lounge seating, a few cocktail rounds with seats and a few highboy tables.  These were treated with the hotels black spandex linens and topped with hot pink overlays.  Cube vases filled with hot pink roses enhanced the look of these tables.  To fully show the NYC theme, Wilbur created a large sign that had the name of the event:  “Shelby’s New York City Extravaganza” complete with the New York city skyline and more of the famous landmarks.  The sign was outlined in lights and enhanced with swags of fabric to create a stunning focal point.

As with most Mitzvah’s, the party began with the kid’s having some time partying without the adults present.  They were feasting on yummy hors d’oeuvres such as fried cheese, mini pizzas, and pigs in a blanket.  Meanwhile, the adults were not being left out.  They were having an adult-only cocktail party on the 2nd floor of the hotel in the area called Away.  It’s a semi-private area that worked perfectly for the purpose of a cocktail hour. 

At the appointed time, the adults were whisked away and delivered to the celebration which was already in full swing.  As the guests exited the scenic glass elevator, they found their table assignment cards on a lighted round table which was centered with a tall decor piece that held a rotating Yellow Taxi Cab adorned with Shelby’s name.  The table assignment cards were replica’s of New York City Metro (subway) cards.  Robyn Feinberg of RSVP provided the stationery products for the event and as always did a superb job!

The family entered the event in grand fashion.  Once Shelby was announced and the whole family was front and center, a long-time family friend offered the Motzi.

Dinner for the adults consisted of a dual entrée of a beef filet and salmon or for those wishing for a more vegetarian option, salmon and pasta. The kids feasted on chicken fingers, mac & cheese, salad, and other tasty goodies.

To add a fun twist to the desserts, both the adults and kids were offered a dessert display that would provide options to tempt every tastebud.  And what would a New York City themed event be without Black and White cookies?

To keep the fun going throughout the night, the incredible team from Vibe provided the entertainment.  These guys definitely know how to throw a fun party — not just for the kids but for the adults as well. 

Jenni Girtman was the photographer of record for the event capturing all of the fun times.  She also provided a Photo Booth station where guests could select various New York City backgrounds for their GreenScreen photos.  Kids and adults had such fun trying out all of the props AND the different backgrounds.

Can you ever have enough sugar at an event? We didn’t think so, so we provided a Candy Bar.  Shelby selected her favorite types of candy which included, Malted Milk Balls, M&M’s, Skittles, Mike&Ike’s, and Sour Patch Kids.  We provided the complete set-up including the custom labels for the containers in keeping with the color and theme of the event. 

As the time came for the guests to depart, they were treated with adorable and functional favors of PJ bottoms which also were emblazoned with the logo of the event. There were a HUGE hit!!! (I think the adults were sad that they didn’t get a pair).

Judging by the smiles from everyone as they left, this was another fabulous and FLAWLESS event and we were so pleased to be a part of it!!!

To see more photos (taken by JBEvents) from the event, please enjoy the slideshow below!


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Janice Blackmon Events is an event planning company offering many levels of service to assist clients in the best possible way for their event.  Don’t leave your celebration in the hands of someone less capable, contact Janice Blackmon Events today and enjoy the feel of planning a flawless and stressfree event!

January 22, 2011

Looking back at the Bar Mitzvah of Jack

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Thank you so much to Ric Mershon Photographers for providing these wonderful images from Jack’s Bar Mitzvah earlier last year.  I loved the theme of this event ~ Soccer ~ which was expertly carried out by the ultra-talented JWilbur of EventScapes!  The venue was W Hotel ~ Downtown, which has a very cool, hip vibe.  We had such an amazing group of vendors working together on this event!  The family was indeed pleased with the results. 

Giving a “shout out” to some of the other vendors involved:


Vibe Entertainment

Now, sit back and Enjoy this slideshow!!  Thanks again to Ric Mershon Photographers

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December 17, 2010

Mazel Tov Justin!

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A Bar Mitzvah is always a special time in a young boy’s life – but when you have a celebration like this one – you know this day will never be forgotten!


The theme for the soiree was Camp Justin!  But not just any ‘ol camp, but an amazing scene that included a huge fire pit (safety flames of course). 


Since a Mitzvah celebration includes not only the friends of the Mitzvah honoree, but also the adult friends of the family, having a theme that can be carried out to be appropriate for both the “kids” and the “adults” is of utmost importance in situations where the party for both kids and adults takes place in the same room.  Well, the fabulous and talented J Wilbur of EventScapes and his team created a design that did just that.

In the kids area there were 3 long dining tables that had décor of wheat grass and lanterns.  One of the special touches was these great flashing glasses that the kids would use for their beverages as well as take home.  The lights added an extra festive touch to the tables, which were covered in black linens.   There was also a sofa grouping that flanked the dance floor – so the kids could take a brief rest between all of the dancing. 



 The dance floor and DJ area separated the kids’ area from the adults’ area.  Now truth be told, adults seemed to love the kids area and did their best to take it over. 


The fire pit – surrounded by bean bags, provided a gathering spot for both adults and kids.


The adult area was beautifully adorned with burlap table linens accented with brown napkins tied with a band of sage ribbon.  There were high and low centerpieces – both of which incorporated birch branches.  The tall designs consisted of birch tree trunks standing about 30 inches above the table with an arrangement on top to include lilies and roses, along with blue Delphinium and bells of Ireland.  There were lanterns hanging down from the arrangement, which along with sisal rope used in each of the designs became a common element to keep with the camp theme.  The low designs were square and the base was created in a square with birch branches and then filled with moss and the same types of flowers as the tall designs.  Votives surrounded the arrangement and provided an elegant woodsy feel.

In keeping with the camp theme, the adult guests were informed of their table assignment with small flashlights that had a tag containing their name and their “Cabin”. 


Added Touch Catering provided the delicious array of food.  The kids started off with crispy veggie egg rolls and a yummy Mexican queso dip served of course with crisp tortilla chips – while the adults noshed on 5 pepper seared tuna on won tons, potato latkes, Thai veggie spring rolls and also a “Grazing” table that included a beautiful display of fall vegetables with citrus and rosemary marinated olives, stuffed grape leaves and roasted red pepper dip.  There was also miniature falafel pockets with tahini.  Needless to say – the hors d’oeuvres were a huge hit.  But then came the main meal.


The adults had an awesome chopped vegetable salad that I happen to think was beautifully presented.


The kids had a buffet that consisted of Crisp Caesar salad, cheese pizza, and penne pasta with two choices of sauces and garlic bread.  They also had their own Beverage Station with “Bug Juice” in constant supply.


The adults had action stations to include a Southern Station complete with GA Mountain Trout, baked Macaroni and Cheese, Hot Roasted Indian Summer Corn, Southern Cinnamon Baked Apples accompanied by Corn bread and Buttermilk Biscuits.  Also available was an Asian Station where guests could enjoy Teriyaki and Miso Glazed Salmon Kebabs, Fried Rice, Spinach strudel and Pad Thai Noodles.


Of course, no meal is complete without dessert and this Mitzvah was no exception.  There was a Cookie Bakery including warm chocolate Chip Cookies with shots of ice-cold milk, as well as Smore’s Brownies, Milky Way Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cake, Tangy Lemon Bars and Walnut shortbread.

The kid’s dessert was a huge Krispy Kreme Donut Tower drizzled with chocolate.  Regardless of who this donut tower was intended – many adults snuck a donut or two. 

A little later in the evening, the Kid’s Buffet was transformed into a Camp Canteen offering various selections of candy!!!  Little brown paper bags accented with seals of the event’s Logo were provided to guests that wanted to take a goodie bag home – but judging from the wrappers found on the floor – I would have to say a considerable amount of those tasty treats were consumed on-site. 

Vibe Entertainment, headed up by Khalil and his team, kept the crowd moving with their always entertaining method.  Dancing and games continued throughout the evening and the dance floor was packed at all times. 


Another fun thing that was enjoyed by both kids and adults was the Green Screen provided by Peachtree Pictures.  With a choice of eight backgrounds, guests could pose for a fun photo and then take it home with them.  There was a constant stream of guests having a blast trying out different poses and seeing the finished results of their frivolity.


Capturing the images that will forever be memories of the celebration was Laura Tarquino of Vosamo.  While her images are certainly better, I captured the ones you are seeing here.

The whole celebration was fantastic from start to finish and we were honored to have been a part of this milestone occasion in the life of Justin and his family.

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