March 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thurs: Movie Night!!

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Looking for a fun, economical way to do something nice for a friend or family member?  How about a Movie Night!  

Whether you choose to  go to a movie theatre and see one of the new, hot hits, or have a Movie Night at home – setting the scene with the essential items is one way to ensure an enjoyable evening!

If you are going to be a part of the Movie Night – then sending an invitation something like this could be perfect.


If you are sending/giving a Movie Night gift to a friend, then putting together a gift basket with the essentials is an excellent presentation and the treats will be welcomed when enjoying the movie.


movie gift set


Start out with tickets or a Gift Card to a local Movie Theatre.  If the gift is for a specific Movie and you know the day and time the recipient will go, you can pre-purchase the tickets from the theatre – however, purchasing a Gift Card that they could then use at their convenience is a good option.


movie gift card fandango-movie-night-giveaway-fandango-valentine-gift-cards


Purchase favorite movie-time snacks.  You can purchase the individual servings or if the gift is for a larger group, purchase bags of the treats.  It’s easy to pick up boxes of microwave popcorn, but if possible, pop your own and either purchase various seasonings or make your own to add as toppings.


Sensational Baksets retrocandy 2013


Place all items in a movie-themed container or a popcorn bucket or bowl to keep with the movie theme!!


movie popcorn bucket of gifts popcorn containers


Add a note to the gift and it’s ready for giving!  Be as creative as you want in the contents of the note and presentation!!


movie popcorn bucket of candy popcorn bowl with candy popcorn gift bucket


For an at-home movie night – the same idea can be used, but you could include a nice bottle of wine with the popcorn, candy and snacks!  


redbox popcorn-1 popcorn-cinema-gift-basket-with wine_XL For a final touch to the at-home movie night, add in a nice, soft cuddly blanket and some cozy socks which make it perfect to snuggle up and enjoy THE SHOW!

Giving a gift of a Movie Night is a thoughtful gesture and one that will certainly be appreciated!!!

cozy socks cozy-blanket-isolated-on-a-white-background

July 1, 2011

By Invitation Only…Event for Planners

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Event Planners







was so excited to be a part of this event.  Together with many awesome vendors, we created an evening that inspired and delighted those in attendance. 

Kori Smith contacted me several months ago to ask if I would partner with her to plan this special event. She had a vision of providing a unique event for Event Planners that would allow them to feel pampered and appreciated.  I gladly accepted and immediately began making plans and working with other partnering vendors to create what ended up being an awesome  By Invitation Only event.

Special thanks go to Julie Bilecky and the staff at Villa Christina for working with me to create a scrumptious menu and to Danny Wilson of The Savage Garden whose creative genius designed stunning and unique décor and to Tamara Gollob of I Do Linens who provided the gorgeous linens and to the amazing Mark Lotti of Classic Cheesecakes and Cakes who designed and created the most spectacular cake that was not only beautiful but oh, so delicious!!!

Other vendors that lent their helping hand to make this event a success were:


Event Rentals Unlimited

Quest Drapery


Sugarcoated Radical

SoulPhonics & Ruby Velle

Sensational Baskets

Fonix Entertainment

Anna Bellagio

In the Moment Photographs

BLEND Parfume

Each of these vendors provided various components for the event as well as presenting their company in a Vendor Room where Guests could mix and mingle to learn about each of the sponsors. 

And special thanks goes to Lacy Branch, of Lacy Branch Events in St. Louis, Missouri, our guest speaker who gave an excellent presentation that was informative, interesting and humorous.

As the guests arrived, they were treated to our signature drink for the evening – which was a Makeover-tini – a creation by the Bartender of Villa Christina.  It was a citrusy mix that reminded me of an Orange dreamsicle.  Delicious hors d’oeuvres were passed as guests mingled while meeting vendors who had set-up their displays in the Bridgeview Room. 

After the Cocktail Hour, guests were invited into the main Ballroom where they entered a transformed space that was elegant, edgy, and colorful.  It was truly a sight to behold.  I selected a color palette of hot citrus colors to welcome the beginning of Summer.  I was so proud to see all of the planning and designing come together and was so pleased with the outcome.

After a few opening comments, guests were served an International Tapas Plate consisting of Thai Beef Salad in a Cucumber Cup, Roma Tomato Stuffed with Creamy Crab Salad, Cheese and Pimento Stuffed Crisp Pea Pod and Chicken Salad Stuffed Sweet Pepper Roulade.

The main entrée was a Teriyaki Glazed Boneless Breast of Chicken served over a Korean Glass Noodle Salad with a side of Tempura Battered Garden Fresh Vegetables which were drizzled with a Remoulade Sauce.

Keeping the guests entertained throughout the event was SoulPhonics with Ruby Velle.  A high energy band that has been Grammy nominated.

To add to the fun of the evening, 5 guests were randomly selected to receive a mini-makeover, compliments of the Stylist Kori Smith team while the rest of the guests competed in a Table Decorating contest which proved to be not only a fun activity but a great team-building exercise.  The results were much more than we had ever anticipated and these folks truly showed their creative side and perhaps one of the biggest reasons they are in the profession they are due to their quickness and creativeness which comes into play so often!! Each of the 6 teams had the same basic supplies to work with and what resulted were 6 completely different designs, each one being amazing and actually beautiful – which was definitely not the expected outcome! 

As the competition ended and the make-overs made their way back into the room to model their changes, guests were served the delicious cake.  Three different flavors were provided, a Lemon with Raspberry filling, Italian Cream Cake and an Amaretto with Chocolate Ganache.  Guests were also invited to visit the Chocolate Bar provided by Sugarcoated Radical where they were greeted with a selection of interesting infused flavors of chocolates presented to uniquely on a piece of board with various shelves and containers that was attached to a vintage bike.  Certainly not your ordinary candy buffet.

Lacy Branch judged the Table Decorating contest and selected the design of the team that she felt best used the items in a creative way.  The winning team used oranges as candle holders as just one of the creative details of their design. 

Each guest received a Swag Bag full of wonderful items supplied by the vendors involved and was definitely a huge hit. The bag was filled with wonderful surprises such as jewelry from Anna Bellagio, chocolates from SugarCoated Radical, handmade note pads from In The Moment Photographs, Perfume sample from BLEND Parfume, Note Pad and Pen from Janice Blackmon Events, Hair products from Joico provided by Kori Smith as well as nail polish and other hair products.

Thanks again to Kori and all of the other vendors that worked together to make this a huge success!  I’m honored to have been a part of it.

The following gallery of photos show all of the details of the event.  The photos are not in any specific order, but I hope you will sit back and enjoy viewing the beauty and fun of the special evening for Event Planners.



Photo Credits:  In The Moment Photographs and Janice Blackmon Events

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