September 21, 2015

Ashley & David’s wedding at Callaway Gardens

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Raindrops didn’t dampen the celebration for Ashley & David, because their love was shining bright!

The ladies began their morning with an amazing hair-stylist, Katie Hudson who created lovely styles for each of the girls.  

Jessica Williams was on hand to capture the love and beauty of the day.  We enjoyed working with her and she provided the beautiful photos you see below.  

Callaway Gardens provides a lovely backdrop for wedding celebrations.  The Ida Cason Chapel has been a favorite place of mine since I was a little girl and would visit with my family.  The chapel has a gorgeous stained-glass window that is the focal point for the couple’s vow exchange.

The reception was held at The Lodge and Spa by Marriott at Callaway Gardens. 

The color palette for the wedding were the colors of a peacock.  The bridesmaids each had a different color sash for their champagne chiffon dress to coordinate with the theme. The guest tables napkins and chair ties alternated with deep blue, purple and turquoise, creating visual interest and a very elegant look.  Each placesetting was adorned with a box of Godiva chocolates.  Flowers by Freddie provided the floral decor.

In addition to the wedding and Groom’s cake, a full dessert buffet was offered complete with a chef-attended Banana’s Foster station.  If you have a sweet-tooth – this was definitely the place to be.

Ronnie Portwood was the DJ for the evening and he kept the crowd entertained.  

As the evening came to a close, the family and friends of the couple bid them farewell through a tunnel of bubbles.  

We wish Ashley & David a lifetime of Happiness!!!  Please enjoy the photos below compliments of Jessica Williams Photography.

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Janice Blackmon Events is an award-winning event planning firm that specializes in assisting our clients with innovative concepts, creative design and flawless production of every event. 

March 6, 2015

Military Wedding at the Vineyard!

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The wedding of Kelly & John is one that was filled with so much beauty.  The couple could be mistaken for models and the added bonus of John being in the military makes for even more gushing.  

The setting was Chateau Elan.  Ceremony was held in the Atrium with Reception to follow in the Debussy Ballroom. The grandeur of the venue itself proves a fabulous backdrop, but add to that the creative genius of JWilbur of EventScapes and you have truly a photo-worthy wedding.  Several special touches with the decor were incorporated, such as alphabet decals placed on the mirrors in the pre-function area directing guests to which display they would locate their table assignment card.  JWilbur also created a stunning arch for use at the ceremony.  You can see more of the lovely details in the photos below provided by Kristen Alexander.

McCullom.Matlaga0028 McCullom.Matlaga0010

One fun detail for the couple was the Groom’s cake – created by Mark Lotti of Classic Cheesecakes and Cakes.  Kelly wanted to surprise John with a nod to her alma mater, Auburn University, so the cake was designed with the decor of his alma mater, Ole Miss, on the outside, but inside the cake, the layers were blue and orange.  Everyone had a chuckle at that little twist.


Guests had a blast on the dance floor boogieing down to the musical stylings of Yacht Rock Schooner.  

It was a pleasure working with all of the vendors on this wedding to create the memorable wedding day for our client.  

The Team of Vendors

Make-up artists:  The Moore Agency

Wedding and Groom’s cakes:  Classic Cheesecakes and Cakes

Ceremony musician:  Keith Gehle

Ceremony soloist:  Toni Byrd

Ceremony and Reception Venue:  Chateau Elan

Childcare providers:  Elegant Event Sitters

Decor:  JWilbur of EventScapes Atlanta

Dessert Buffet:  Alon’s Bakery

Linens:  CoverUps Linens

Officiant: Rev. Mike Lowe

Photographer:  Kristen Alexander

Photo Booth:  ShutterBooth

Planning and Coordination:  Janice Blackmon Events

Special thanks to Kristen Alexander for providing the images.  I’m sure you will enjoy them!!

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We wish Kelly & John a lifetime of happiness!!!!!

Janice Blackmon Events is an award-winning event planning firm specializing in assisting our clients with innovative concepts, creative design and flawless execution of their event!

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