December 23, 2013

Come Inside, It’s Fun Inside for Brayden’s 1st Birthday!

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A very special 1-year-old deserves a very special celebration, and that’s just what we had for Brayden.

Brayden huge smile in water

One of the first TV shows that captured his attention was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – so it seemed only fitting for that to be the theme of his party. With the theme set, we began the design process for the decor.  The centerpieces were one of the first designs to create.  We started out with Terracotta plant pots and painted them red.  To give them the look of Mickey’s pants, white buttons were attached around the rim.  Next was to create the Mickey silhouette.  For this, we used 2 different sizes of cardboard cake boards.  A 12″ diameter was used for the face, and 6″ diameter ones were used for the ears.  These were then painted black and a clear gloss sealant added for shine.  To attach the ears, we used short lollipop sticks.  For the stem (body), we used bamboo skewers which were also painted black.  To hold the silhouette in the container, a half sphere styrofoam was placed in the bottom of the pot and was secured with double-sided tape.  To finish the design off, yellow tissue paper was placed inside the container to cover the mechanics and to also bring in the color for Mickey’s outfit.


Another design we created was Mickey Mouse chinese lanterns.  To make these, we used red and black lanterns.  Using the 6″ diameter cardboard cake boards, these were painted red and black.  To attach the ears to the lantern, we used the bamboo skewers and bound them with rubber bands to hold them securely in place.  


Designing the menu was fun.  We knew we wanted to use labels that would coincide with the theme, so we  came up with cute names for the items to be served, such as Hot Diggity Dogs for the Pigs in a Blanket, Mickey’s Clubhouse sandwiches, Pluto’s Puppy Chow, Chip and Dales Chips and Dip, Donald’s Dunkers, and Daisy’s Vegetable Garden.  For the beverages, we set up Toodles Thirst Station.

_MG_5726_MG_5756 _MG_5755 _MG_5754 _MG_5753 _MG_5752 _MG_5751 _MG_5750 _MG_5749 _MG_5748 _MG_5733 _MG_5731 _MG_5767

We created a custom backdrop to be used as a Photo Spot for guests as they came in!  


Since there were Adults and Kids at the party, we  designated a “Kid’s Table” where coloring sheets were placed on the table for the kid’s to color.  We had Mickey Ears for all of the young guests to wear.  We also had set up a Kid’s bowling game – which was a hit!  During the party the stand-by game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey was played and I think there were some adults that wanted to get in on that game too.

_MG_5740 _MG_5738 _MG_5737


The cake was adorable!  It had the design of Mickey’s Clubhouse on it complete with figurines of the characters.  A separate “smash cake” was made just for the Birthday Boy ~ and he definitely had a great time diving in to it!

_MG_5798 _MG_5797 _MG_5796 _MG_5795 _MG_5793 _MG_5790 _MG_5789 _MG_5783 He didn’t need much prodding to stick his hands in the cake and he sure seemed to enjoy the tasty confection! _MG_5824 _MG_5871_MG_5873 _MG_5875_MG_5876_MG_5879_MG_5900 _MG_5895 _MG_5889 _MG_5888 _MG_5886 _MG_5885 _MG_5884 _MG_5879 Brayden’s Aunt created a special onesie for him and special T-Shirts for his mom, dad, Nana and Aunt.  They were a surprise for the Mom and Dad and were very much appreciated. _MG_5814 _MG_5813 _MG_5780 One of the other treats that were provided was homemade chocolate Mickey Mouse lollipops.  These had individual tags attached thanking everyone for coming to the party! _MG_5771 _MG_5913 _MG_5912 No party is complete without a goody bag and the kid’s attending this party took home a bag full!! _MG_5735

This party was a huge success and the Honoree had so much fun.   Please enjoy some additional photos of the decor from the party as well as some images from his 1st Birthday photo shoot by the amazingly talented, Kristen Alexander!!

_MG_5775 _MG_5774 _MG_5764 _MG_5761 _MG_5760 _MG_5759 _MG_5757 _MG_5745 _MG_5744 _MG_5743 _MG_5742 _MG_5730 _MG_5723 Touched the cake Standing Tall Smash cake Hands Full of Cake Braydens icing covered hand in the dirt Brayden with icing all over Brayden with icing crawling Brayden with icing hands and face Brayden with the icing and drool Brayden with icing on his hand Brayden with icing hands Brayden with icing hands in the air Brayden with happy icing hands Brayden with cute icing face Brayden with a little cake a little dirt Brayden touching cake 1st time Brayden smashing cake Brayden shoving cake in his mouth Brayden eating cake Brayden happy icing boy    Janice Blackmon Events can design, create and produce your special event.  Contact us for information and to begin planning your FLAWLESS event!!

August 26, 2013

Pretty in Pink ~ Liana’s Bat Mitzvah

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When I first met with Siomara, the mom of the Honoree, I knew she was someone who I wanted to work with.  Our initial consultation which consisted of the normal fact-finding questions to see where in the planning process we were and what vision we were working towards let me know that this was going to be a Mitzvah that would benefit from my services and referrals, which would result in an amazing celebration ~ and THAT it was!!!

With the date and venue set, May 18th at The Georgia Aquarium, we began meeting with vendors that would be able to provide exceptional service!  First stop, JWilbur of EventScapes.  We met with him and gave the “theme” of PINK!  All shades and varieties!  Other than the color, Siomara wasn’t specific on what the design should look like, but rather let Wilbur use his creativity to design the perfect setting for the celebration.  With the venue being the   Aquarium,we knew that special consideration had to be given to the viewing windows in the Oceans Ballroom.  This was accomplished by having lounge seating areas where guests could sit, relax, chat with their friends while watching the Whale Sharks or Beluga’s. 

In two areas on the “kid” side of the room, there were cozy seating areas with a canopy covering that had ribbons suspended holding flowers and sparkling crystals.  The sofas had fun pillows including some bright pink pillows and a shag carpet.  Several High-boy tables were scattered about as well as cocktail round lit tables with personalized decor using the branded logo for the event.  

The adult tables were covered in beautiful linens and were adorned with sleek white shaped vases filled with an asymmetrical arrangement of flowers.  They were truly stunning.  The “look” was elegant, sleek and contemporary.  

Knowing that this event needed a custom invitation suite, I referred Robyn Feinberg, RSVP.  Her creativity, advice and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful branded suite of invitations, labels, Guest Welcome Letters and other accessory products used for the decor, the favors and the Candy Buffet. .  

The talented Kristen Alexander was on hand to photograph the event and her images are included here for you to drool over!!! She was busy all night capturing all of the beauty as well as the fun EVERYONE was having!

Vibe Entertainment provided the entertainment for the evening.  The dancers kept the kids engaged with games and dancing.  One of the cool features with their set-up was a shadow box where guests could stand behind the screen and dance and from the front you would just see silhouettes.

Mark Lotti of Classic Cheesecake and Cakes provided the gorgeous cake which was the focal point for the Candle Lighting ceremony.  The cake was intricately designed to include replicas of her logo as well as small Stars of David. 

Opher Moses of Point of View Video, was brought on board to capture both the official ceremony as well as the party on video.  He is always a pleasure to work with and he does a superb job of creating a video that will give years of enjoyment for the family.  

Wolfgang Puck Caterers did their amazing job of providing delicious food and exceptional service.  After dinner, guests were treated to an array of delectable desserts in addition to the cake.  

And as if there wasn’t enough sweets already provided, we provided a Candy Bar Buffet with some of Liana’s favorite candies which were presented in a beautiful display.  Adults and kids alike enjoyed this buffet.  

As guests departed, they picked up yet another favor, a custom Tank Top to commemorate the occasion.  

This Mitzvah celebration was such a pleasure to plan and produce and combining the services of many of my preferred vendors ensured this was not only a wonderful day for the Honoree their family and guests but also for the vendors involved.  We are so thrilled to have been involved to produce this flawless event!!

We were honored to have this event featured in the acclaimed Occasions Magazine.  To read that article click here.

Now sit back and enjoy these images ~ most are compliments of Kristen Alexander, however, there are several included that I took as well.  


IMG_3978 IMG_4002 IMG_3999 IMG_3991 IMG_3981 IMG_3979 IMG_4026 IMG_4024 IMG_4022 IMG_4019 IMG_4017 IMG_4016 IMG_4009 IMG_4005 IMG_4049 IMG_4045 IMG_4041 IMG_4039 IMG_4037 IMG_4036 IMG_4034 IMG_4030 __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0484_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0485_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0488_low IMG_4091 IMG_4075 IMG_4068 IMG_4062 IMG_4057 __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0456_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0457_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0459_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0463_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0465_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0467_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0469_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0481_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0268_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0293_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0312_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0326_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0337_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0439_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0444_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0447_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0491_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0012_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0015_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0016_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0179_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0180_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0223_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0255_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0712_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0682_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0604_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0583_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0559_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0526_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0522_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0492_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0728_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0726_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0722_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0720_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0717_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0715_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0714_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0713_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0939_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0938_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0792_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0752_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0735_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0732_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0730_low __Kristen_Alexander_Photographer_LianaKlin0729_low IMG_3955 IMG_3949 IMG_3935 IMG_3933 IMG_3925 IMG_3922 IMG_3921 IMG_3915 IMG_3977 IMG_3967 IMG_3966 IMG_3965 IMG_3964 IMG_3963 IMG_3960 IMG_3959


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