December 21, 2011

Holiday’s and Stress

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Ten holiday stress busters

So many gifts to wrap; So many parties to attend; So many cards to send!

Are the holidays stressing you out? Well, join the club! Few of us escape holiday time without feeling:

  1. Panic
  2. Overwhelmed
  3. The blues
  4. All of the above!

And it doesn’t help one bit when you turn on the TV and there’s someone smiling happily, hosting “the perfect” holiday party.

So here are 10 tips to help you survive the holidays.

  • Throw away the word “perfect.” We are all human beings trying to do our best. There is no such thing as “perfect” when it comes to this time of year.
  • Try to do less this year, not more. What is one task you can remove from your “to do” list?
  • Do a “small” good deed. It’s amazing what it can do to lift your mood. Call that elderly aunt in California. Baby sit for the young mother across the street.
  • Say “no.” That’s a tough one. Start with a list. Decide what events are important to you. And let the rest go.
  • Try not to worry about things out of your control. Uncle Bob always talks too much. Those mail-order gifts might not arrive in time. The world will go on.
  • Shake a leg! Hit the gym. Take a walk. Ride your bike. Exercise helps relieve stress and chase away the blues.
  •  Get more zzzzzz’s. Sleep? Did someone say sleep? Yes, it’s extra important this time of year. Burning that (festive green and red) candle at both ends is a guaranteed way to let stress and the blues win.
  •  Laugh off mini-disasters. OK, so the dog just ate the shrimp dip. Think how many calories he’s just saved you from!
  • Forgive yourself. Forgive others. It’s not the time of year to settle old scores. No matter how much you want to tell off your (you fill in the blank).
  • Hugs help!

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce your stress during the Holiday’s.  One other way to always ease the stress when planning any type of special event, is to contact Janice Blackmon Events and let us take the stress away by providing our exceptional service that ends with a flawless event allowing YOU to enjoy the special occasion along with your other guests!

Dates are quickly filling up for 2012, so don’t delay and run the risk of creating STRESS because we aren’t available for YOUR date! 

Happy Holiday’s from all of the Janice Blackmon Events Team!


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