November 28, 2011

Mazel Tov Shelby!!!

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Shelby loves New York City, so it seemed only fitting for her Bat Mitzvah to have a New York City Theme for her Extravaganza!

The first order of business was to select a venue that would enhance a New York City feel and immediately The W Hotel ~ Midtown came to mind.  We secured Altitude {the ballroom on the 27th floor} as the venue.  Since the room offers views of the city on both sides of the ballroom, that would lend to the feel of the Big Apple. 

Working with the extremely talented, JWilbur of EventScapes, a division of CCP Events, the decor was devised in meeting with Shelby’s New York City theme.  Wilbur offered wonderful suggestions for bringing the city design into the room.  There were two large gobo’s that shown on the back walls depicting famous landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline.  Each table on the adult side of the room was covered in the hotel’s standard black spandex linen and topped with a luxurious silver overlay.  The centerpiece consisted of a square base filled with flowers out of which came a street sign indicating famous cross-streets in NYC.  Shelby determined some of her favorite locations in the city and those became the table names for the adults.

On the “kids” side of the room, the look was more of a club feel, with lounge seating, a few cocktail rounds with seats and a few highboy tables.  These were treated with the hotels black spandex linens and topped with hot pink overlays.  Cube vases filled with hot pink roses enhanced the look of these tables.  To fully show the NYC theme, Wilbur created a large sign that had the name of the event:  “Shelby’s New York City Extravaganza” complete with the New York city skyline and more of the famous landmarks.  The sign was outlined in lights and enhanced with swags of fabric to create a stunning focal point.

As with most Mitzvah’s, the party began with the kid’s having some time partying without the adults present.  They were feasting on yummy hors d’oeuvres such as fried cheese, mini pizzas, and pigs in a blanket.  Meanwhile, the adults were not being left out.  They were having an adult-only cocktail party on the 2nd floor of the hotel in the area called Away.  It’s a semi-private area that worked perfectly for the purpose of a cocktail hour. 

At the appointed time, the adults were whisked away and delivered to the celebration which was already in full swing.  As the guests exited the scenic glass elevator, they found their table assignment cards on a lighted round table which was centered with a tall decor piece that held a rotating Yellow Taxi Cab adorned with Shelby’s name.  The table assignment cards were replica’s of New York City Metro (subway) cards.  Robyn Feinberg of RSVP provided the stationery products for the event and as always did a superb job!

The family entered the event in grand fashion.  Once Shelby was announced and the whole family was front and center, a long-time family friend offered the Motzi.

Dinner for the adults consisted of a dual entrée of a beef filet and salmon or for those wishing for a more vegetarian option, salmon and pasta. The kids feasted on chicken fingers, mac & cheese, salad, and other tasty goodies.

To add a fun twist to the desserts, both the adults and kids were offered a dessert display that would provide options to tempt every tastebud.  And what would a New York City themed event be without Black and White cookies?

To keep the fun going throughout the night, the incredible team from Vibe provided the entertainment.  These guys definitely know how to throw a fun party — not just for the kids but for the adults as well. 

Jenni Girtman was the photographer of record for the event capturing all of the fun times.  She also provided a Photo Booth station where guests could select various New York City backgrounds for their GreenScreen photos.  Kids and adults had such fun trying out all of the props AND the different backgrounds.

Can you ever have enough sugar at an event? We didn’t think so, so we provided a Candy Bar.  Shelby selected her favorite types of candy which included, Malted Milk Balls, M&M’s, Skittles, Mike&Ike’s, and Sour Patch Kids.  We provided the complete set-up including the custom labels for the containers in keeping with the color and theme of the event. 

As the time came for the guests to depart, they were treated with adorable and functional favors of PJ bottoms which also were emblazoned with the logo of the event. There were a HUGE hit!!! (I think the adults were sad that they didn’t get a pair).

Judging by the smiles from everyone as they left, this was another fabulous and FLAWLESS event and we were so pleased to be a part of it!!!

To see more photos (taken by JBEvents) from the event, please enjoy the slideshow below!


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March 22, 2011

Celebration Ideas

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For quite some time, I’ve been throwing ideas around in my head about writing an article on unique themes for celebrations and finally with a little help from W Hotels ~ Buckhead , the ideas have finally been put to paper.

Whether you are planning a Birthday Party, Mitzvah, Groomsmen Grunch, Rehearsal Dinner, Couple’s Engagement, or Post-event After-Party – there are so many fun options. While some people decide to go to places like Dave and Buster’s or Andretti Racing – how about having your OWN Arcade. Your imagination can be your guide to determine what activities you want to include, but to give a few ideas of some favorite games consider some of these.


Air Hockey

Wii Bowling

Video Car Racing

HUGE Chess

Original or Ms Pac Man


Or how about:

Basketball Toss


Dunk Tank

Wii Dance Revolution

Casino games

Even actual carnival rides are available to rent for a party.

Many times my clients will want something to do after their event for those that are just not ready for the party to end – so how about renting a meeting room or another function room at a hotel and have these games and activities brought in. Your guests will have so much fun just letting loose and playing. But in this situation – it’s your own private Gaming Room so you don’t have to worry about tons of other people being around. Who doesn’t like to play games and have fun….especially as adults when so much of our time is spent being professional.

In a wedding situation, this would be an excellent idea for an addition to the Rehearsal Dinner or Post-Rehearsal Dinner activity – and if using a space at the hotel where your guest room block is, makes it very convenient for your guests.

For a Mitzvah, since keeping the kids busy is the key to a successful event, why not have an Arcade Theme event. Instead of taking the party to one of the big complexes where it is sometimes difficult to keep up with everyone – having your own Arcade is the solution.

I’ve been lucky to be the guest at several Arcade themed events, and to watch all of the other adults lose their inhibitions and play like a kid – truly enjoying him or herself is something to behold.

So now you have an idea about games – what about the food? Well, keep in mind things that are easy to grab and eat – like sliders, or a Taco Bar. How about a Hot Dog Stand complete with all the trimmings? Pretzels and popcorn anyone? And if you are up for the true carnival spirit, how about Cotton Candy? The ideas are limitless.


Specialty drinks for the occasion would be another nice touch or keep it super simple with Beer and Wine or for a kid’s party, soft drinks and juices. But to add another fun element, how about a custom smoothie station or a snow cone stand. 


Let’s talk a little about a Groomsman Grunch. Since Bridesmaids have their Bridesmaid Luncheon – why not a special event for the guys? Think Sports Bar for the food idea — wings, burgers, etc., and beer or scotch tasting for another special idea. Many restaurants will offer this type of event – perhaps in a private room – but this can also be done in a host hotel utilizing a small meeting room. Large TV’s could be brought in so that the guys can watch their favorite sports while enjoying the friendship and yummy food. One super cool place that works great for a Guys’ party is STATS  in Downtown Atlanta. Of course, being a sports bar, the atmosphere is already present with TV’s all around – but there are also a few areas within the Restaurant that offer a semi to completely private event.

A very common type of event for couples these days is either an Engagement Party or a Couples Shower. What better way to get the guys excited about the party than have fun, arcade type activities for them to busy themselves with. But don’t think those ladies won’t take a turn or two at the fun games, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some light-hearted competition ensues.

The possibilities are endless, so if you are ready to plan your next Party and want to include the Arcade theme – let us know and we will hook you up with the best vendors to provide you the fun games and activities that your guests will appreciate and will truly say that YOUR event was the best one they have ever been to.

Atlanta has several companies that specialize in providing Arcade type equipment. Some of my favorites are: 
CCP Events
Burgess Amusements 
Amusement Masters 
So when you are ready to plan that next Arcade themed event, contact us and we will be sure to make it flawless!!  

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