November 16, 2016

Receiving messages like this makes my he

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Receiving messages like this makes my heart smile! I have the BEST TEAM in all the land!

Hi Ladies!

Well it is Tuesday and I’m still smiling and laughing and going through all the FB POST and pictures about the epic wedding!

I can’t thank you ALL enough for the fantastic job you did for Shelby, Drew and I before and after the wedding! You are not just a day of coordinator’s but more like “have a great day” coordinators. I know it took way more than even a month to get all this information processed and it was so well done!

The venue was perfection and all the decor items you all put out were amazing. You got our vision and executed it to perfection!

Your handling of the bus situation was perfect as well. After a few minutes it was all forgotten, well at least by us!

The only problem…well it went to darn fast…as I’m sure you hear all the time!

Thanks again, so very much!


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