July 29, 2013

What to give the Couple that Has Everything!!!!

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What to give the couple that has everything (for their home)

 People are getting married later in life, many couples live together before getting hitched, many have lived on their own for many years before they meet The One- we know this, none of this is truly blog-worthy or news breaking. Yet this does pose a very new problem to many wedding guests looking to gift shop for their newly engaged friends or family. It also may cause hesitation for brides and grooms setting up gift registries- as they wonder do we even have counter space for a Panini press? What would I really do with a five-tier cupcake display tray?


Many couples have already collected all the items needed to make a house a home, sometimes needing to sell (or toss) duplicates of toasters or blenders as they combine households. So as the guest, bride or groom looking to make gift registries and purchases- what do we do??


Some companies have found an answer within a different question….has anyone ever had too much fun or too much luxury on a honeymoon? I’m thinking not. Yet people have often had not enough money for that honeymoon of their dreams. Enter Honeymoon Registries- an easy and etiquette-friendly way to pitch in for the couples’ perfect vacation.


There are many websites that offer honeymoon registry services, as well as blogs and wiki articles that compare, rate, and review the agencies. Honeymoon registries offer a variety of ways to chip in on the honeymoon in an affordable way- from splitting up plane tickets to restaurant vouchers and limo service to and from the hotel.


Some companies include Honeyluna, Honeyfund, Traveler’s Joy, The Big Day, and Honeymoon Wishes.


Turns out there is no need for craigslist postings to sell back that swimming with the dolphins excursion or flight to Fiji- can’t say the same thing for a china set.




-Amy Riccio, Intern at Janice Blackmon Events

Did you know we plan destination weddings and events?  We even have Travel Agents on our Preferred Vendor List that can make the arrangements for that spectacular Honeymoon!  We can assist with all components of planning and producing any social special event, so before you begin planning your special occasion, contact us first!!

Janice Blackmon Events is an Event Planning company specializing in weddings and all social special occasions.  We offer a variety of packages so that clients can determine the level of assistance that suits their needs.  Regardless of the package selected, you can rest assured that you will have a flawless event!!


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