April 2, 2013

Tues Tip:According to The 2012 Wedding R

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:02 am by JBEvents

Tues Tip:According to The 2012 Wedding Report, the Average Wedding Cost in the US Increases Less Than One Percent to $25,656 from $25,631 (2011). This is based on an average number of guests of 136, down from 138 (2011). These figures were comprised of a survey of just over 5000 couples and then their responses for the Total Cost were averaged based on a “Weighted Demand Average”. In my opinion, this figure does not accurately reflect the Metro Atlanta Wedding market based upon the figures it designates for each component and therefore leads potential clients to expect to pay a lesser amount for many of the services needed. This is NOT to say that it’s not possible to plan a wedding for the stated “average”, however, as Professionals in the industry I feel it is OUR responsibility to educate clients and assist them in making the best choices for products and vendors that will fit within their budget. This is why it’s important to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL – one that has PROVEN experience and qualifications and not someone that has a hobby planning weddings, taking photos, baking a cake, etc.

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