March 8, 2013

Inspiration is all Around Us!!…Part 1

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Many times, when clients are planning their event, they do not have a specific theme or even color palette selected.  I find with many of my clients that this can be a very stressful and frustrating component of the planning!  Perhaps trying to think of where to get inspiration is the issue.  Maybe it’s because they feel once the theme or color palette is selected they may decide they don’t like it after all or that by selecting the theme or color it may “limit” other options or selections.  However, that really couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m getting ahead of myself here though – so let’s step back and consider where our inspiration can come from.  Honestly, inspiration can come from anywhere.  Do you have a favorite artist?  What about a favorite piece of clothing?  Maybe you have a favorite color!  Any of these can serve as an inspiration for your event.  For some, one small detail or item can become the inspiration – such as a favorite book, author, location, even a piece of jewelry.  If something means a great deal to you, why not let that serve as inspiration for your event.

Several years ago, Carolina Herrera, a famous dress designer, used some popular, well-known artists as inspiration for her wedding gown designs.  Take a look at these images and see how she used the inspiration.

Vincent Van Gogh -carolina-herrera-fashion-2_original Saurat Carolina-herrera-fashion-5_original Money gown by Carolina-herrera-fashion-3_original John Singer Sargent s-carolina-herrera-fashion-6_original Henri Matisse-carolina-herrera-fashion-4_original Francisco Goya -carolina-herrera-fashion-1_original

I happen to love Monet, so finding inspiration for other items with that influence led me to these wonderful ideas:

Monet inspired centerpiece by Fotographa Monet inspired long dress Monet inspired nail colors watercolor6 Monet inspired_this and that Monet waterlily_cake_32 Money inspired decor for table Money inspired Menu CardOkazaki_Mathias_Sarah_Gormley_Photography_SGPMonetLilyShoot002_low

You can most certainly find elements of all types of items to carry out the theme.  Some times, the dress {attire} is the inspiration for other elements.  Many of my clients have used their wedding dress as the inspiration for their wedding cakes.  It doesn’t just have to be a wedding dress that can provide the inspiration – but rather bridesmaids dresses, men’s tuxedos or just a party dress.  Here are some examples of excellent use of attire as the theme inspiration for the celebration cakes.

Dress inspiration for cake wedding-dress-fashion-inspired-cake wedding-cake-match-wedding-dress-6 silver beading fashion-inspired-wedding-cakes-6 Print Reem Acra dress and cake pink undertone lace dress-fashion-inspired-cake-1 ombre-wedding-cake-inspired-by-bridesmaid-dress-12 multi colored short dress carolina-herrera-dress-fashion-inspired-cake-4 Liancarlo dress and cake Dress and Tuxedo inspired Cakes-Inspired-by-Wedding-Dress-and-Tuxedo-5 Canary Blossom dress-fashion-inspired-cake-9 Bridal Wave wedding-cake-inspired-by-wedding-dress-2 Black and white carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-fashion-inspired-cake

Truly, inspiration can come from anywhere and all you have to do is look around.  We are here to assist with how to go about incorporating an element into a theme for your next special event.  Check back next week for Part 2 of Inspiration is all Around Us to see how I used ruffles as a design inspiration. 

Janice Blackmon Events ~ A full-service event planning firm offering a variety of packages so clients can determine the level of assistance they need!  Our philosophy is that with our assistance, your event will be flawless!!!


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