March 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thurs: Movie Night!!

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Looking for a fun, economical way to do something nice for a friend or family member?  How about a Movie Night!  

Whether you choose to  go to a movie theatre and see one of the new, hot hits, or have a Movie Night at home – setting the scene with the essential items is one way to ensure an enjoyable evening!

If you are going to be a part of the Movie Night – then sending an invitation something like this could be perfect.


If you are sending/giving a Movie Night gift to a friend, then putting together a gift basket with the essentials is an excellent presentation and the treats will be welcomed when enjoying the movie.


movie gift set


Start out with tickets or a Gift Card to a local Movie Theatre.  If the gift is for a specific Movie and you know the day and time the recipient will go, you can pre-purchase the tickets from the theatre – however, purchasing a Gift Card that they could then use at their convenience is a good option.


movie gift card fandango-movie-night-giveaway-fandango-valentine-gift-cards


Purchase favorite movie-time snacks.  You can purchase the individual servings or if the gift is for a larger group, purchase bags of the treats.  It’s easy to pick up boxes of microwave popcorn, but if possible, pop your own and either purchase various seasonings or make your own to add as toppings.


Sensational Baksets retrocandy 2013


Place all items in a movie-themed container or a popcorn bucket or bowl to keep with the movie theme!!


movie popcorn bucket of gifts popcorn containers


Add a note to the gift and it’s ready for giving!  Be as creative as you want in the contents of the note and presentation!!


movie popcorn bucket of candy popcorn bowl with candy popcorn gift bucket


For an at-home movie night – the same idea can be used, but you could include a nice bottle of wine with the popcorn, candy and snacks!  


redbox popcorn-1 popcorn-cinema-gift-basket-with wine_XL For a final touch to the at-home movie night, add in a nice, soft cuddly blanket and some cozy socks which make it perfect to snuggle up and enjoy THE SHOW!

Giving a gift of a Movie Night is a thoughtful gesture and one that will certainly be appreciated!!!

cozy socks cozy-blanket-isolated-on-a-white-background


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