February 4, 2013

Ideas for POPPING the Big Question!!!

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Pop the Question

Most girls dream of the day that the love of their life asks the BIG QUESTION and whether they admit it or not, they had indeed fantasized about HOW that the question is delivered.  While there are many methods that will elicit a positive response, using creativity will go a long way in showing her that there was time and thought put into the process making the presentation of the sparkle more memorable than even her wildest dreams could have conjured!

Engagement ring vintage round setting  Vintage engagement rings

~ Daily Routine ~

Consider her daily routine, her interests or her upcoming schedule: 

Does she start her day awaking to an alarm clock – if so, after she has fallen asleep the night before – place a sticky note on the clock with a sweet message saying something like…”I want to wake up with you every morning”…..”Will you MAKE MY DAY {Clint Eastwood like} and the REST OF MY LIFE and  MARRY ME?”

marry me clock

What about writing your message on the bathroom mirror?  Or you could Draw a large heart so that when she looks into the mirror the Heart becomes a frame around her and you then step up behind her saying she makes your heart beat and you can’t live without her…Will You Marry Me?

marry me on mirror

Leave a LOVE NOTE in her car with a sweet message saying she DRIVES you WILD and YOU would be LOST without her.

marry me car covered with notes

Rent a BILLBOARD that’s on her route to work – Include a photo of her to look like a “wanted” poster or “missing person”….the message could read:  “WANTED {her name} to be my life-long partner ~ Will you Marry Me?  and either have a photo of yourself or sign your name.  If possible – have her on the phone at the time she should pass by the billboard.  Or using the “Missing Person” theme, Have your photo (or a portion of it) placed on the billboard with a message that could read:  Missing my Better Half….will you {have a photo of her} join me to COMPLETE ME [taking the words from Jerry Maguire].

Marry Me Billboard

~  Scavenger Hunt ~

How about sending her on a ” Scavenger Hunt” to find the last treasure….YOU down on one knee with the bling!  You could send her text messages for each clue or item to locate.  Each clue or item gives her a hint to the next item/location.  Plan ahead so you have a clear plan of where to send her and prep each location with what she should find.

Another form of a Scavenger Hunt could have you leaving her a trail from the front door – perhaps with rose petals or even colorful sticky notes…the trail needs to clearly indicate where she goes next.  You could accomplish this even by tying string from the door to wherever you want to POP the question wish instructions to hold onto the string and follow it to the end.

Marry Me scavenger hunt

Marry Me in rose petals marry me map and compass

~ Bright Lights, Big City ~

Who doesn’t want to see their name up in light?  Well, how about planning an evening to go to a show {live or movie}.  Work with the theatre and determine how you can have your message placed either on an outside lit sign, or on the movie screen before the movie starts.  You could even wait until the end of the show and if it is a live show – have the performers come out for the final bow and each hold up a sign asking her the BIG QUESTION.

Marry me on theatre sign

There is always the Jumbo-tron at the local sports arena.  Have your message placed on the jumbo-tron (but make sure she is watching so she doesn’t miss it).

Marry Me jumbotron

Skywriting is another way to display the Big Question – but have a backup plan in case there is inclimate weather on the day of the fly by.

marry me skywriting

~ Word Play ~

Marry me scrabble

Does she like to do crossword puzzles?  If so, you can create one to make your own crossword puzzle using a free online site:  http://www.puzzle-maker.com/CW/  You enter your own clues and answers – so be creative and include memories as well as the BIG QUESTION!

Marry me crossword

Crosswords aren’t her thing – then how about a Word Search?  http://www.puzzle-maker.com/WS/index.htm  To make it even more challenging – try it without giving the words to search for and see if she can figure it out!

Marry me word search

Remember that old game, Hangman?  This would be a fun way to pop the question as well…..as long as she guesses the correct words BEFORE she hung herself.  You can create your own or believe it or not – there’s even an APP for that!

Will you Marry Me hangman

How about using refrigerator Letter magnets to spell out the Question of the day? 

Will you Marry Me magnets

~ Say it with Food ~

Marry me conversation hearts

Aside from just taking her out to eat at her favorite restaurant – put some creativity into it. 

Personalized Menu:  This would take a little pre-planning, but contact the restaurant and see if they have the ability to create a “Special” menu that only she gets.  Maybe it’s just a Special of the Day flyer or a Drink or Dessert menu – whatever it is – you will be certain to surprise her when she opens the menu to see the real Special of the Day is your proposal.

Sweet Tooth?  Oh the options are endless!  You could purchase a cake and have the greeting of the proposal written on the top.  Or if at a restaurant, have the dessert tray come over with the Ring placed in its box in the center of the tray.  Depending on the restaurant, you could ask the chef if they could write Will You Marry Me in chocolate to decorate the plate her dessert is presented on.

Marry me cupcakes Marry Me ring in cupcake Tiffanys Marry me with chocolate cake

Shall we Toast?  There’s always the old Ring in the Champagne glass….just make sure she sees it before she swallows it. 

~ Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words ~

Take photos of the words…find them on Street signs, store windows, billboards, in books or magazines and create a collage or slideshow of the words for her to watch. 

Marry me street sign

Maybe you want to just say it with your own words, or serenade her or put on a one-man-show – why not video tape the message and then upload it to YouTube.  Tell her you found the greatest video of all time and have her watch it. 

marry me youtube

Perhaps you decide to pop the question while on a beach vacation….then write the message in the sand.  Nothing beats a sunset stroll on the beach, and top it off with dropping to one knee with the proposal.  You can of course add some sappy sentiments like, she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your sunsets with!

Will you Marry me in the sand

How about proposing underwater?  If you aren’t divers, take her to an aquarium and ask to have the divers hold up a sign for you while viewing the tank. 

Marry me with divers

Seashell Ring Holder

~ Come One, Come All ~

Invite your families and best friends to join you while you pop the question.  Plan an evening at your favorite restaurant or neighborhood bar.  Have the family/friends hide somewhere in the venue so that when just the two of you arrive, she has no idea that they are there.  At the appropriate moment – they all show up to wish their Congratulations. 

Marry me with family

If you decide to pop the question around a personal or national holiday (Birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas, July 4th, etc.) – plan  a get-together and either have the guests in on the surprise by playing a part in the proposal, or surprise them all when you get everyone’s attention to make a special announcement. 

Marry Me people holding signs marry me signs

There are so many ways to ask the love of your life to be your wife – but use creativity to make this very special time something that will be worth stories to share for years and years to come! You’re sure to not only get the answer you want – but you  may just provide the dream she has always had for the perfect proposal!!!

We can assist with plans, ideas and even execution of your perfect proposal.  Contact us today and let’s get started!!

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