August 30, 2010

Another Designer Decides to move into the Mainstream

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We are all still feeling the pinch of the pocket-book strings due to the economic downturn.  Even high-end fashion designers are realizing that the budgets of brides of years past do not compare to what is being spent now.  The latest designer to realize this dilemma and actually do something about it, is one of my favorites, Monique Lhuillier.  She has decided to add on two Bridesmaid dress lines – one being a higher-end line that will wholesale from $150 – around $400 and then a more economical-friendly line that will wholesale from $80 to $100.  The dresses are expected to make an appearance this fall.  I am so excited that her exquisite designs will now be available to a wider audience. 

Photo credit:  Luca Trovato

Earlier this year, Vera Wang together with David’s Bridal announced that she will be creating a budget line that will allow access of her designer gowns to a wider range of brides that would normally not have been able to afford a designer gown.  David’s Bridal will carry these gowns which will range from $600 to $1500 with the average dress coming in less than $1200.  This is a HUGE savings from her normal price range which is between $4,000 to upwards of $25,000. 


Vera Wang, spring 2010 bridal.

Photo Courtesy of Vera Wang

According to statistics from the wedding industry’s premier source, WE TV Network’s Wedding Report, 78% of brides spent less than $1,031 dollars for their dress in 2009. 16% spent between $1,031 and $2,062 dollars. Only 6% spent over $2,062 dollars and a fraction of those were able to purchase wedding dresses at the Wang or Lhuillier caliber.  With the new lines being launched, now more brides than ever will be able to afford a designer gown for her special day!

I know for me, I’m glad to know that others are trying to think outside of the box as it relates to costs associated with weddings and with huge designers like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier stepping up, perhaps others will follow.

Happy Planning!



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