March 7, 2010

Michelle & Rodney ~ March 6, 2010

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Michelle and Rodney    

  March 6, 2010   


  A spectacular sunny day in Atlanta created a wonderful backdrop for the wedding of Michelle and Rodney!  This couple is one of those that the camera loves.  The large wedding party provided a beautiful frame for the couple.  The ceremony and reception were held at the fabulous Fox Theatre.  With 12 bridesmaids and 10 groomspeople, the stage was almost not big enough.  But we made it work.     

Sand Ceremony


 The whole wedding party worked on creating a video to the song “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC.  I can’t wait to see the finished version because the different shots that were taken to capture the song were indeed funny.  (Studio 25 Productions ~ Jan Horne ~ videographer)    

 The photographer was definitely earning his paycheck by photographing such a large wedding party and in several locations.  With the historic Georgian Terrace Hotel serving as home base for the wedding, some truly awesome shots were taken there to include the spiral staircase.  Add to that, the beauty of inside the Fox Theatre and you have some of the best backdrops for creative and stunning photos.  (The Image Makers Studio ~ Dwight Flegel ~ photographer)   

  The bride’s dress as well as her bridesmaids came from New Natalie’s.  The Bride’s dress was a beautiful heavily beaded strapless mermaid style gown.  The bridesmaids wore red dresses that had a little hidden secret.  The bottom of the dress was removable, so after the ceremony and before the Wedding Party Announcements, the girls removed the bottom portion of the dress and entered the reception in hot red mini-dresses.   


 There were quite a few interesting details to the décor, but the color scheme of the evening was Red and Gold.    


 The couple is not much of cake eaters, so they decided to have something other than a wedding cake.  They selected Key Lime and Chocolate Mousse Shooters (Chocolate Pink Café).  For their ceremonial cake cutting, they had a small Key Lime Pie and a piece of German Chocolate Cake ~ their favorite desserts.  They also had chocolate covered cookies that had their names and wedding date on them.  The guests were thrilled with the selection and choices.



 Since the couple was only going back across the street at the end of the Reception, the groom carried his gorgeous bride.  One of the bridesmaids used her creativity and made the most adorable sign that was a cutout looking like an old vintage car complete with all of the parts and even a Just Married Sign and writing on the window.  We hung the sign around the groom’s neck so as they passed the guests, they would see the car sign.  It was a very unique and well-received send-off!



 JB Events Wishes Happiness Always to   

Michelle and Rodney!!!

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  1. CARRIE GATES said,

    I don’t believe I’ve seen this depicted in such a way before. You actually have cleared this up for me. Thanks!

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